Business Research Extension and Development

Business Research Extension and Development

It is said that the “northern light” is one of the brightest and most wonderful phenomena of nature. Saint Louis University aims to make its light shine as the “light of the north” by being the bastion of intellectual leadership and dedication and to constantly seek and open up new horizons of knowledge.

The University supports research that will lead to the creation, integration and dissemination of new knowledge that will contribute to the mission of the University and ultimately provide scientific, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental benefits to the community. At the same time, SLU also recognizes that research is fundamentally tied to the quality of its teaching, its programs, and its outreach or community extension projects.

To support this worthwhile endeavor and to maintain integrity in the research and scholarly activities of its staff, SLU has instituted a number of policies that provide a foundation for research practice at the University. These policies shall apply to all University research activities. They specify the research infrastructure, policies, procedures, standards and ethical practices of the University, for any faculty member or staff who undertakes research.

It is in this light that in SY 2004-2005, the College of Accountancy and Commerce organized the Business Research Extension and Development (BREAD) Office. The University and the Vlaamse Interuniversitaire Raad – Philippine Inter-university Cooperation (VLIR-PIUC) financially and operationally support the activities of the BREAD Office.

Vision – Mission

We envision the Business Research, Extension and Development to be an enabling research center, guided by the Christian spirit that will create, integrate and disseminate new knowledge through relevant and innovative researches to ultimately provide scientific, economic, and socio-cultural benefits to the community.

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