School Of Engineering and Architecture Vision

“The School of Engineering and Architecture envisions herself as an exemplary educational institution for engineering and architecture dedicated to elevating instructions, research, and extension to a high level of competence and creativity committed to shaping the socio-technical environment founded on Christian values.”


Brief History

In 1953, the first year Basic Engineering class opened in a room atop the Silver Shop of the Saint Louis Center elementary building. There were only two regular instructors then so other instructors from the departments of Education, Commerce and Liberal Arts were called in to help. The Department of Engineering was supervised by Rev. Dr. Gerard Decaestecker, then Rector of Saint Louis College.

The department was transferred to the Antipolo building along Session Road where BS Electrical Engineering was formally offered and eventually officially recognized in 1958. More engineering courses were opened, such as BS Chemistry and BS Chemical Engineering, both getting recognition in 1962.

When Engr. Arnulfo Nadela assumed office as dean in 1962, BS Industrial Engineering was offered and recognized in 1965. It was during the term of Engr. Llanes that more courses were opened such as BS Geodetic Engineering in 1968, BS Electronics and Communications Engineering in 1974, and BS Mining Engineering in 1976. These courses were recognized in 1969, 1979 and 1980, respectively.

The boom in the enrolment in the College of Engineering called for the construction of more classrooms—from atop the Silver Shop to the Antipolo building on Session Road, to Boys’ High School along General Luna road, and later to the Diego Silang building. Today the College of Engineering is housed in a seven-storey building called the Otto Hahn building which was inaugurated in 1970.


Former Deans of the SEA

Engr. Laureano Aspirin (1955)

Engr. Juanito N. Ferrer (1956-1959)

Engr. Lucio R. Gallardo (1960-1962)

Engr. Arnulfo M. Nadela, Jr. (1963-1965)

Engr. Porfirio A. Llanes (1966-1979)

Engr. Ricardo P. Tuazon (1980-1987)

Engr. Antonio Q. Fagel (1988—May 1990)

Engr. Rogelio J. Naz (June 1989—May 1990)

Engr. Eufracio Delos Reyes (June 1990—May 1997)

Engr. Petronilo A. Ballesca (June 1997—October 2002)

Engr. Joselito F. Buhangin (November 2002—May 2003)

Engr. Bonifacio I. Dela Peña (June 2003—July 2016)


Present Dean of the SEA

Engr. Cynthia Posadas (August 2016 – Present)