History and Branches

The SLU Main library has grown enormously into a massive building—the six storey Msgr. Vath Library Building in Bonifacio Campus. Towering over the other buildings in the SLU main campus and resembling the big heart of the early CICM fathers and sisters who gave the people of the Cordillera and Northern Luzon quality Catholic education, the library building now houses a varied collection of print, non-print, electronic and internet-based resources.

Today, the Saint Louis University (SLU) Libraries have expanded with a satellite library named Devesse Library in Maryheights Campus.

With the ongoing computerization and reorganization, the SLU Libraries are set to meet the challenges of library preservation and conservation, automation, collaboration and networking endeavor.

1.      The Msgr. Charles Vath Library, Bonifacio Campus

Msgr. Charles Vath Library, considered as the main library, is located in the SLU Main Campus, Bonifacio Street. Constructed in 1972, it was donated by the Zentralstelle fur Entwicklungshilfe of the Federal Republic of Germany and De Rance, Inc. of the United States. This is the library intended for all the seven (6) schools of the University.

2.       The Devesse Library, Maryheights Campus

Devesse Library is located at the 10th floor of the Fr. Serafin Devesse Building of the Maryheights Campus, Bakakeng, Baguio City.  It started operating during the academic year 2010-2011, and especially being used by the School of Accountancy & Business Management (SABM) and the School of Computing & Information Sciences (SCIS). It offers extensive and functional facilities and services.

The 400-seat capacity library has a total floor area of 963 square meters. The mezzanine serves as a reading area.