Admission of Transferees

SLU admits transferees in all courses except Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing subject to their compliance with pertinent requirements and guidelines. They must undergo a Qualifying Examination and if qualified, will take the Personality Test and Interview. Foreign students applying as transferees are subject to the English Proficiency Test (EPT) rule.



  1. Initially, admission via transfer, except for pre-arranged scholar, is limited to applicants to a four-year course who have not earned more than 84 units or applicants to a five-year course who have not earned more than 126 units. Furthermore, they should meet the following criteria:
    1. They have not attended more than two (2) schools prior to their transfer to SLU.
    2. They have not incurred any failing grade and/ or non-passing mark, NFE, INC, DROPPED etc.
    3. They have met the SLU-CEE norm applicable at SLU at the time of their admission to college if ever they had taken the SLU-CEE in the past.
    4. They have not previously obtained a Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal) from SLU due to academic and/ or disciplinary reasons
    5. They have not been unduly interrupting their college studies.
    6. They have passed the required NSTP upon transfer to SLU (applicable only to Filipino students)
  2. Transfer students to the BS Biology or BS Pharmacy program should have not earned more than 42 credit units leading to said programs. SLU does not accept transferees for Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science (formerly BS MT). Transfer students for BS Radiologic Technology and BS Nursing have to be evaluated by the School of Natural Sciences and School of Nursing respectively to determine whether they will be accepted.

Requirements and Procedures

  1. Processing of Application – The transfer applicant shall apply for admission at the Students Affairs Office within 10 days before the start of enrollment.  The applicant shall submit the following requirements:
    1. Application letter with the following information: 
      • former school/s attended and course/s taken
      • experiences in the former school/s
      • reason/s for transferring to SLU
      • course to be pursued in SLU
      • reason/s for choosing the intended course
      • promise to abide by the rules and regulations of SLU
    2. Certified true copy of complete academic records
    3. Certificate/s of Good Moral Character from previous school/s
    4. Six (6) copies of latest and identical ID pictures (2”x2”)
    5. Birth Certificate
    6. Police Clearance form hometown
    7. Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal)
  2. Testing and Interview – The applicant shall undergo and must pass the Intelligence Test, Personality Test, and Interview. The appropriate fee shall be paid to the Accounting Office. 
    • NOTE: Before taking the Personality Test and Interview, Foreign applicants from non-English speaking countries shall be required to take and pass the English Proficiency Test. Applicants who fail the English Proficiency Test are referred to the Institute of Foreign Languages and International Studies (IFLIS). To undergo a five-month English Proficiency Program. After completion of the Program, they shall re-take the English Proficiency Test and should pass the same.
  3. Physical Examination – After having passed the Personality Test and Interview, the applicant shall undergo and pass the physical examination at the SLU Medical and Dental Clinics after paying the required fee.
  4. Issuance of Permit to Enroll – Having complied with and completed all the requirements and successfully hurdled the tests, the applicant is issued a “Permit to Enroll” by the Students Affairs Office, he/she shall still be subject to the related conditions listed below.
  5. Enrollment – The applicant shall go through the official enrollment process as duly scheduled.

Related Conditions

  1. The School dean concerned shall be consulted for the academic evaluation of the applicant as well as for advice.
  2. An applicant for transfer shall take all the subjects as prescribed in the SLU curriculum and/or repeat professional and other subjects as may be required by the School Dean. Units earned in other schools may be credited only after proper evaluation by the School Dean. Even as the applicant has complied with all the admission requirements, his/her enrollment will still be subject to the availability of slots and subjects.
  3. SLU reserves the right to accept or refuse any applicant for transfer. SLU also reserves the right to invalidate or revoke the admission and enrollment of any applicant who may have committed misrepresentation/s concealed and/or withheld any needed information, or made a false statement in the application.

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