Admission of Undergraduate Students

All undergraduate freshman applicants must pass the SLU College Entrance Examination (SLU-CEE) and must qualify within the slots duly determined for each course.  The regular SLU-CEE is conducted on weekends from the middle of October up to the middle of December.
Admission for the first semester starts at the middle of April.


1. Official SLU-CEE Result (original copy);

2. Original Form 138 (4th year report card), marked “Eligible for Admission to College”;

3. Birth Certificate (Photocopy shall be submitted; however Official Copy with the Civil Registrar’s original signature or issued by the NSO should be brought along for verification purposes);

4. Certificate of Good Moral Character issued upon the release of your Form 138;

5. Duly accomplished ACKNOWLEDGEMENT slip to the Memo re: Parents’ Notification on Random Drug Testing of Tertiary Students.

6. Six (6) identical copies of your recent 2” x 2” ID  pictures WITH Name Tag (CLOSE-UP front facial picture before a WHITE background; eyes, face, and hair not covered);

7. Photocopy of at least one (1) Government-issued ID with Photo of your parents and the original signature affixed beside the photocopied signature being authenticated;  and

8. * Down Payment (which covers laboratory fees and miscellaneous fees) of:

P 16,700.00 for BS Information Technology / Computer Science

P   6,500.00 for BS Accountancy / Management Accounting // Associate in Accounting Technology

P   8,600.00 for BSBA Business Economics / Marketing / Human Resources Development Management //
BS Entrepreneurship

P 6,500.00 for BSBA Financial Management

P   8,320.00 for BS Hospitality & Tourism Management
Major in:  Hotel, Resort & Restaurant Management
Travel & Tours Management

P   6,450.00 for Education Courses:  BEEd Gen Ed/ BEEd PSE/  BEEd SPED/ BSEd Engl/ BSEd Filipino/
BSEd MAPEH/ BSEd Math/ BSEd Soc Stds

P   6,950.00 for BSEd BiolSci; BSEd Phys Sci

P   6,450.00 for Bachelor of Arts in Communication (BA COM) // Bachelor of Arts in English (BA ENGL) //
Bachelor of Science in Social Work (BS SOC WK) // Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies
(BALS) // Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (BA POLIT SC) // Bachelor of Arts in Religious and Values Studies (BARVS)

P    6,200.00 for Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies (BA PIS) //
Bachelor of Science in Psychology (BS PSYCH)

P    8,320.00 for BS Architecture

P   11,900.00 for BS Engineering (all majors)

P    8,200.00 for BS Biology / Medical Laboratory Science / Pharmacy / Radiologic Technology

P    9,550.00 for BS Mathematics

P    8,050.00 for BS Nursing

P    8,800.00 for Bachelor in Library and Information Science

P 16,700.00 for BS in Information Management / Bachelor of Science in Information Science

Special Requirements for Foreign Students:

In addition to the above requirements;

1. Foreign Students from NON-ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES must have passed the SLU English Proficiency Test (EPT), and have taken the SLU Personality Test and Interview; also, those from ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES must have taken the SLU Personality Test and Interview.  The SLU Personality Test is scheduled on April 13, 2015 at 8:00 A.M. and the Interview on April 14, 2015 at 8:00 A.M. However, for the Interview, the client/s who cannot be accommodated at 8:00 A.M. will have the interview at 2:00 P.M. The SLU Personality Test and Interview are administered at the SLU Guidance Center, S-111, Silang Bldg. Bring along the complete admission requirements to be shown to the Guidance Center.

2. Submit Alien Certificate of Registration;

3. Submit Valid Student Visa or Special Study Permit; and,

4. Submit Photocopy of Passport Bio Page and of latest Admission with valid Authorized Stay.

Special Requirements for BSN First Year Students:

Each qualified applicant must submit all the basic requirements (mentioned above) for incoming first years (local and foreign students) in SLU. In addition, the following SPECIAL requirements must be submitted:

1. One (1) additional 2"x2" identical ID photo (a total of 7 pictures required);

2.  UNDERTAKING DULY SIGNED by the student and his/her parent signifying their agreement to the admission and retention policies of the School of Nursing;

3.   Medical Certificate obtained from the SLU Medical Clinic certifying that the student is physically fit for       admission in BS Nursing. (This must be accomplished on the scheduled date of admission as specified in the SLU-CEE Results. The Medical Examination fee is Php 1,151.00 and the first dose of hepatitis B vaccination is Php 480.00. The complete examination may take 1-2 days.)