Clinical Pastoral Center

The University, through the CPC, includes in its Christian educational thrust, a special participation in a deeply humane outreach system, specifically oriented towards members of the religious — priests, nuns, seminarians. The CPC assists people who are in difficult personal predicaments, to discover new options and workable perspectives directed at acquiring a more effective and meaningful outlook towards life, vocation and work. We put people back on their feet.


Believing that “people need people” -- but even more when they are confused, anxious, depressed, upset or simply left out, the CPC gives professional assistance through the following:

  • The CPC provides clinical counseling and psychotherapeutic services, inclusive of psychological assessment and evaluation. This service is basically accessible through referrals (bishops, religious superiors) or on personal initiative.
  • The CPC acts as a consulting agency of those responsible for seminary formation, in the task of discerning a priestly and/or religious vocation.
  • The CPC conducts growth-process workshops for groups of seminarians and religious, covering the different dimensions of one’s psychological maturity.
  • The CPC does research on various aspects of the foregoing interventions to make them as effective and meaningful as possible.