13th Nakem International Conference
Thursday, 15 February 2018 11:34

Nakem Conferences Philippines, Nakem Conferences USA, and the University of Hawaii at Manoa Ilokano Program
present the


Hosted by Saint Louis University, Baguio City, Philippines on May 24th - 26th, 2018

The 13th Nakem International Conference on “Studies on Things Philippines, Ilokano, and Amianan” and the “Second International Congress on the Ilokano Language” attempts to bring into the surface the difficult terrain of Philippine discourse and scholarship during these especially difficult local, national, global circumstances marked by chaos, uncertainty, instability, disparity, inequity, authoritarianism, nominal and exclusive democracy, and difficult challenges in the pursuit of liberal and emancipatory education. A Congress on the Ilokano language explores the issues connected to the domotic nature of popular Ilokano and the need to push it to a more intellectualized form in order to respond to the crucial need for critical and committed knowledge production for the many of the people in the Amianan.

The conference specifically aims to:
• Revisit the current theories and approaches in studying the Philippines and the Amianan including the Cordilleras; 
• Evaluate current research methods and methodologies in Philippine studies in general and Visayan, Mindanao, Ilokano, Cordillera, or Amianan studies in particular; 
• Reconnect these various knowledge forms with issues of cultural diversity, linguistic justice, and liberation education; 
• Assess the Ilokano language as lingua franca in Amianan studies; and
• Examine the current forms and variations of the Ilokano language and determine the next courses of action in developing repertoire, in drawing up approaches to its intellectualization, and in clarifying areas of ambiguity.



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