“We envision the Hospital of the Sacred Heart as the prime regional tertiary teaching, research-oriented and social service institution with the  highest standards and  health  care  workers  who  recognize  that the  care of the  sick is a  great  responsibility and a sacred trust.   It is  committed to raise the  quality  of care and  the general standards  of medical  practice to  produce  highly competent, committed, creative and ethical professionals  and  to  make  available  medical  and  allied  services  in an  atmosphere  of  Christian  compassion.


  • Christian Spirit

To provide the highest quality medical care and management for the people of the Cordilleras and neighboring regions, upholding and maintaining a tradition of excellent medical service reflective of the Christian value of selfless sharing.

  • Creativity

To be a center of excellence for research and training for resident physicians, medical and paramedical students who are aspiring to be health workers for the next generation;

To find creative ways and means on how to operate as a self-reliant unit and sustain long-term growth and development.

  • Competence

To provide training programs in the clinical departments to develop competent, qualified and God-fearing health workers who possess adequate knowledge of medicine, professional integrity and ethical conduct and skills in investigative and critical thinking, teaching and leadership.

To provide competent and quality health care services.

  • Social Involvement

To be a tertiary referral center where other Hospitals, medical facilities and satellite medical systems in surrounding localities can avail of
the services of highly trained ethical and competent medical specialty and sub-specialty professionals;

To take an active role in medical outreach missions and community extension services geared for the marginalized members of the community and far-flung areas of the region as well as hospital-based medical activities for charity in- and out-patients in cooperation with government and
non-government organizations.

Management Style

The SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart has adopted a participative-type of management which allows a system of information that provides timely feedback’s on organizational performance gathered form all sectors of the hospital, including its patients.

This system has the advantage of inspiring creativity and resourcefulness which encourages all concerned to use their talents and potentials to get the work done in the best possible way, while enhancing professional enrichment for the achievement of the hospital’s objectives.


The SLU-HSH is licensed by the Department of Health’s Bureau of Health Facilities and Services and is  accredited by the Philippine Health Insurance Corporation, Employees’ Compensation Commission and is a member in good standing of the Philippine Hospital Association and the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines.

There are close to fifty (50) accredited  HMOs’, Government and Private Corporations in the listing of the SLU-HSH for the medical needs of their members/staff either as out- or in-patients. 

A center that both teaches and treats, and an institution that cures and nurtures, the SLU Hospital of the Sacred Heart is accredited for specialty training in  Anesthesia, Internal Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Ophthalmology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Radiology and Surgery. as well as Internship Training in Medical / Radiologic Technology, Nursing,  Pharmacy. Occupational/Physical / Respiratory Therapy and Caregiver.