Grades Entry Policy

Effective 2nd semester SY 2011-2012


The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for the entry and final computation of grades in the University. Effective implementation of this policy will

  1. eliminate computing errors of final grades and hand-written  input of grading sheets;
  2. minimize double handling of grades;
  3. improve accountability, monitoring, and integrity of student grades


This policy applies to all personnel teaching undergraduate and graduate courses except for personnel teaching courses in the schools of Law and Medicine.


Teachers (personnel with teaching load) are required to encode the Prelim, Midterm, and Tentative Final grades using the Grades Entry application. The Grades Entry is an electronic grading sheet that validates entry of grades from Prelims to Tentative Finals and automatically computes the Final grades. With this application, teachers are no longer required to manually write, type, and print grades on paper-based grading sheets.


Teachers shall encode only at the University’s Internet libraries -  C. Vath Building for the Main Campus and Devesse Building for the Bakakeng Campus.

Username and Password

The IT Center will create an account for each teacher with a unique username and initial password. Teachers are required to change the initial password upon the first logon and keep their new password secure. Strong passwords have at least three of the five following character classes:

  1. Lower case characters
  2. Upper case characters
  3. Numbers
  4. Punctuation
  5. “Special” characters (e.g. @#$%^&*()_+|~-=\`{}[]:";'<>/ etc)

Example:  TmB1w2R!
which stands for "This May Be One Way To Remember"

Teachers are responsible for the security of their passwords and accounts. Teachers should not share their passwords with anyone, including administrative assistants or secretaries. All passwords are to be treated as sensitive, confidential information. Passwords should never be written down or stored on-line without encryption. Teachers should not reveal their password in email, chat, or other electronic communication.

Teachers who forgot their password should apply for a new password at the Registrar’s Office


The IT Center will conduct training for all teachers on the use of the Grades Entry application. A complete walkthrough of the application, from logon to logoff will be provided. Training will be held at the University’s Internet libraries at scheduled dates.

Submission of Grades

Since paper-based grading sheets will not be used by teachers as proof of submission of their grades, the Deans and Department Heads are given an application to read-only, lock, and unlock electronic grading sheets under their supervision. This application will be used to monitor and check the date of entry, completeness and correctness of the electronic grading sheets.

During the Final Term, the Dean’s Office or the Department Head should lock the electronic grading sheets upon the request of the teacher or after the deadline for the entry of grades. Locking of the electronic grading sheets informs the Registrar’s Office that the teacher has completed data entry whereas unlocking of the electronic grading sheets facilitates corrections before the Registrar’s Office finally locks all records.

After the deadline for the entry of grades in the Final term, the Registrar’s Office will finally lock all electronic grading sheets that have been initially locked by the different schools to initiate printing of the final student grades. Teachers who wish to change grades after the student grades have been printed should apply for the proper correction of grades at the Registrar’s Office.

Deadline for the Entry of Grades

Prelim and Midterm: Eight (8) working days after the last day of examination
Final: Four (4) working days after the date the exam was administered

Copy of Grading Sheets

The Grades Entry application provides an option for teachers to save the grades they have encoded in a text file. The Registrar’s Office will provide the Dean’s Offices and the teachers the hardcopy of the grading sheets after the final student grades have been printed.