Resolving Errors in Accessing Student Records

If you encounter errors in accessing some of the online records (student records, CEE results, Dean's Lists), these might help:

1. Invalid ID/password: Check that you have the correct ID number and password. Check you letters and numbers – number 1 or letter I, number 0 or letter O. If it still does not work, you might have copied the wrong password or you did not click on the Register button when you claimed your password. To resolve this, just get a new password from the IT Center (formerly MIS Office), 2nd floor Burgos bldg anytime during office hours.  For security reasons, passwords cannot be given by phone or by email.

2. The site for student records use a SECURE CONNECTION which produces some browser error on the first time that you access it.  To fix this, make sure that your browser is updated.  Different browsers produce different types of error messages, the newer ones will produce the errors shown below and we have outlined how to resolve them.  Older browsers might have more complicated errors because they may not support the new secure connection so update your old browser first!

3. Internet Explorer Certificate Error: Just click on "Continue to this website" link. This is a security feature of Internet Explorer and not an error of the SLU website.

4. Mozilla Firefox Untrusted Connection: This is a security feature of Mozilla Firefox and not an error of the SLU website. To resolve, just click on:

a. “I understand the Risks”

b. “Add Exception”

c. “Get Certificate” then “Confirm Security Exception”

5. Google Chrome - Site's security certificate is not trusted. Just click on "Proceed anyway" button

6. Safari - Can't verify the identity of the website. Just click on "Continue"

7. Opera - Server's certificate chain is incomplete. Just click on "Approve"

8. Other security errors, just click on a button or link to proceed to the website.  For Mozilla Firefox errors, you may also try to resolve the problem using this article.