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How Sunflowers Grow: A Mission among the Street Children
Written by Fr. Geraldo Costa, Director, Sunflower Children's Center   

João was a six-year old boy I met when I was still a seminarian in Nova Iguaçu - Rio de Janeiro ( Brazil ). He was a very aggressive and very independent boy. He would take a 45-minute train ride to go to the beaches of Ipanema and Copacabana and beg from tourists. Sometimes, he stayed there overnight. His poor family, and I may say a very unadjusted one, lived in our parish and there was not much to do to help the child to stay in their house.

I met four year-old Goyo in my pastoral ministry among the street children in Mexico City ( Mexico ) during my theology formation. It was there where I came across a group of children who called themselves “Los Moscas” and who became “El Clube”, a center that takes care of children found in the streets. Goyo had left home with his brother because of severe physical punishment that he suffered from his parents and grandparents. He was a cute boy with a strong character, but he would be very jealous when the attention of one staff shifts to other children. I remember the little boy crying for hours in the corner of a street if he did not receive the attention that he liked to have.

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