Vision and Mission

“Saint Louis University is an excellent, missionary, and transformative educational institution that is zealous in developing human resources to be creative, competent, socially involved, and imbued with the Christian Spirit.”


Guided by the Vision-Mission of the University, the Louisian Graduates are expected to demonstrate the following graduate attributes vis-à-vis the following Institutional Learning Outcomes:

Graduate Attributes


As a result of their educational experiences at the University, LOUISIAN graduates should be able to:

Christian Spirited

Lead others in encountering God as a mission-oriented Louisian.

Live Christian values in their personal and professional endeavors.

Manifest compassion in human relations with emphasis on the marginalized and the poor.

Practice ethical behavior in a globalized, multi-cultural, and technology-driven world with the end in view of perpetuating life in all its forms and the conservation of the environment.

Socially Involved

Advocate the promotion of social justice and nationalism.

Foster a life-long commitment and discerning attitude towards addressing global, religious, political, societal issues, and environmental concerns.

Promote unique and diverse cultural heritage vital to development, inclusiveness, and nationhood.

Engage in community-based programs to improve quality of life.

Professionally Competent

Demonstrate academic rigor in the practice of their professions.

Pursue life-long learning in personal development and professional practice.

Communicate effectively across a wide range of contexts and medium.

Work effectively and independently in multi-disciplinary and multicultural teams.

Creative and Critical Thinker

Generate new knowledge through research and develop innovative projects.

Devise creative solutions to discipline-related problems and issues.

Develop products, creative output and services through the use of appropriate tools, techniques, and technologies in the discipline.

Exhibit innovativeness and aesthetics in knowledge building and problem-solving in their field of expertise.