Vision and Mission

"We envision Saint Louis University as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution zealous in developing human resources imbued with the Christian Spirit and who are creative, competent and socially involved."

The first part of the paragraph above refers to the vision of Saint Louis University as an excellent missionary and transformative educational institution. The second part contains the mission of the university which is to develop students as well as faculty and staff imbued with the institution's core values of competence, creativity, social involvement and Christian spirit.

The CICM fathers founded Saint Louis University because they believed she has a specific mission of educating the youth of the Cordillera region and of transforming the society through her educational apostolate. The CICM-Philippines province strongly desires that all its educational institutions should not only be more conscious of their role, but should work harder to fulfill their missionary task as an evangelizing and transforming agency in society. Such transformation could only take place however when these institutions like SLU are able to form the faculty, staff and students into professionals who are competent, creative, socially involved and who are imbued with the Christian spirit.

When SLU accepts the young to her care, it is with the intention to transform them into competent and creative professionals, i.e. workers who possess at their finger extensive knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to their profession and who are able to create new knowledge through research and to invent new ways of responding to the many challenges of the modern world. Furthermore, it is her intention to form them into dedicated citizens who are imbued with a deep sense of faith, hope and charity expressed thru a life of genuine spirituality and committed service to those in most need, as well as thru intelligent and constructive involvement in social issues that confront modern society.

It is only by dedicating and focusing all her material and human resources as well as her programs and activities to the attainment of the institution's core values that SLU can truly be considered as an excellent missionary educational institution founded and sent to transform people, society and the environment.

Fr. President Jessie M. Hechanova, October 29, 2005