Louisian Mission and Identity is strengthened through the collaboration of the Alumni, Jr. High School and CEOPO Offices.

While the rest of the country was celebrating Eid’l Fitr last June 5, 2019, Alumni and owners of Tofu Rofu Ltd. Co., in collaboration with the Community Extension & Outreach Programs Office, NSTP Office and Parent Advisory Council of the Junior High School extended their help to Gaswiling Barrio Elementary School in Kapangan, Benguet.

Tofu Rofu, a start-up food business incorporating their Pay-It-Forward advocacy, through the generosity of their clients sponsor meals to different communities and institutions.

The team donated school supplies and 170 meals to the pupils and their families

The pupils of Gaswiling Barrio School patiently wait for this grace-filled day by the Louisian Team

It was a day well-spent with the children’s happy smiles and the community’s warm disposition. Special thanks to the Kapangan Police Station for their assistance.

Officers from the Kapangan Police Station load up supplies for transport to Gaswiling Barrio School

Team Tofu Rofu prepares a total of 170 meals for the pupils including their families.

The Louisian Team and Teachers from Gaswiling Barrio School take a moment to pose for posterity.