Saint Louis University was founded by Fr. Séraphin Devesse, a priest of the order of the Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariee (CICM), in 1911. For over a hundred years, SLU has essentially been and nurtured and molded by the CICM.

SLU as a CICM educational institution of higher learning is certainly an extension of the CICM mission. SLU must strive to be a source of Catholic education that reveals the fullness of human dignity in the light of divine revelation. That is why, to cite the CICM Constitution: “Those engaged in education must never forget that they themselves must be motivated with a deep apostolic spirit to bring their mission to a good end.”

SLU then strives to live out this missionary responsibility through the active integration of its core values of Christian living, academic excellence, creativity, and social involvement that certainly reflect the human aspiration of social well-being that underlies the CICM missionary objective.

In search, therefore, for the Louisian identity that needs to be affirmed more than ever in the frontiers of globalization, we recognize that the Louisian is essentially a missionary.

– excerpt from SLU as a Missionary University