University Seal

The colors of Saint Louis University are white and blue, the colors of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

White symbolizes the earth and man. Blue signifies heaven and God. The big golden cross in the middle of the shield represents the Christian faith that the school aims to spread to all corners of the earth symbolized by the four small crosses.

Superimposed on the golden cross is the stylized lily that is associated with Saint Aloysius (Louis) de Gonzaga, the patron saint of the school. The big sword across the shield expresses vigilance and perseverance. The rugged mountains behind the sword signify the obstacles that SLU strives to surpass in bringing the light of truth in the darkness of ignorance.

The year 1911 shows the foundation date while the motto on the lower part of the seal, “Sapientia Aedificat”, expresses the belief of its founders that “wisdom builds”