Saint Louis University Laboratory Elementary School

Vision – Mission


We envision the SLU Laboratory Elementary School as an excellent and transformative learning institution committed to help all pupils discover, initially develop, and put into effective use their God–given talents so that they may be imbued with the Christian Spirit and be competent, creative and socially involved members of the society.”


Christian Spirit

  1. To give due recognition to Louisian pupils who have exemplified excellence in academics, conduct and extra- curricular activities;
  2. To inspire every pupil to aim high and excel in everything he/she does in conformity with the Vision- Mission of the grade school department;
  3. To provide the parents and the guardians a sense of pride and honor for their untiring support to their children/ wards; and
  4. To promote a responsive and peaceful learning environment as effective means of attaining transformative education.


  1. To create a conducive and responsive learning atmosphere for the discovery, initial development and blossoming of pupils’ God given talents.


  1. To strengthen competencies of teachers and staff and enrich the curriculum;
  2. To provide a safe, conducive and effective learning environment and services for pupils; and
  3. To enhance the pupils’ sense of pride and loyalty to our country.

Social Involvement

  1. To encourage the pupils to apply in their lives God’s great love for them by living a Christian life of service to others; and
  2. To help pupils effectively use their God-given talents and skills for  their personal growth, for the good of the community, and for the greater glory of God.