About the School of Law

It comes as no surprise that the CICM founding Fathers of SLU established the School of Law as one of its earliest colleges. After all, one of their reasons for spreading Catholic education was to produce men and women who have an enlightened sense of justice, and who will stand up for what is right. The offering of a law course was timely too in those post war years when the whole country was re-constructing its political identity and it needed men learned in the intricate art of leadership and governance. Many of those trained in the school have indeed become esteemed political leaders and professionals in their respective fields.

Early on, the college made a remarkable show of competence when its first graduates hurdled the 1958 bar examinations with a one hundred percent passing mark. This feat inspired many to enroll in the college and have not regretted doing so. The School of Law consistently ranks as one the top ten law schools among (currently) 105 schools in the country.

The values that SLU stands for is evident in the training of Louisian lawyers. The school has always been conscientious in producing not only highly capable lawyers, but who are ethically principled as well. In the school, the role of Christian virtues in conflict resolution and social reform are emphasized. Legal ethics is likewise made an integral part of instruction. To broaden and update their knowledge of law, the school encourages its students to conduct researches on novel legal issues, and the possibility of collaborative studies with other schools or legal institutions is explored. The missionary heart is not lost in the school’s faculty and students who graciously render services in the Free Legal Clinics regularly organized by the school.

Imbued with these values, the Louisian lawyer stands apart from his peers. He can address the contemporary society’s burgeoning legal trepidations armed with what the Biblical Solomon prayed for “a discernment for justice so that people will know good and evil”.