Academic Year 2020 – 2021

WHO may apply to take the SLU-CEE for AY 2020-2021?

  1. Currently enrolled Grade 12 Senior High School student of AY 2019-2020 OR; Senior High School graduate of AY 2018-2019 provided he/she has never enrolled in college or in any technical school after graduation from SENIOR High School; AND,
  2. Who is of good moral character and has not violated the rules and regulations of his/her school.



1. Shall individually process their SLU-CEE application at SLU University Registrar’s Office, subject to the payment of package Pre-Admission Processing Fee of PHP 2,600.00, covering the SLU English Proficiency Test (EPT), SLU-CEE, Personality Test and Interview.

Those from non-English speaking countries must first take and pass the EPT prior to taking the SLU-CEE.  The EPT is scheduled on November 8 and 15, 2019, December 6 and 13, 2019, January 10, 17 and 31, 2020 at the SLU Psychological Testing Unit at 8:00 AM;

2. ALL international/foreign students are scheduled to take the SLU-CEE on any of the available dates. They shall also take the Personality Test and Interview on a later date set by the SLU Guidance Center;

3. They shall also submit during the enrolment their:

                                    (a) Valid Student Visa or Special Study Permit; and,

                                    (b) I-card issued by the Philippine Bureau of Immigration.


Please personally consult the Director of the SLU Guidance Center BEFORE applying for SLU-CEE. Persons with Disability encompass applicants who may have special needs that require assistance for disabilities that may be medical, mental, or psychological in nature.


Please personally consult the University Registrar’s Office, Admissions Section before applying for SLU-CEE.



Each applicant must:

  1. Accomplish electronically the SLU-CEE Application Form via the SLU Website;; for walk-in/group filing applicants who cannot apply online, please proceed to the SLU University Registrar’s Office, Admissions Section;
  2. Accomplish in hard copy the Principal’s Recommendation Form
  3. Accomplish in hard copy the SLU Data Privacy Policy Form
  4. Pay SLU-CEE Fee (Bank Deposit to the SLU Account or Personal Payment to the SLU Finance Office): Five Hundred Fifty Pesos (P550.00) for Baguio testing or Seven Hundred Fifty Pesos (P750.00) for satellite testing. The paid-up SLU-CEE fee is non-refundable;
  5. The SLU-CEE Test Permit is valid until August 2020 only.



Step 1:

Each Applicant must create his/her SLU Admission Online Account via the SLU Website: CLICK HERE;

Step 2:

With the online account, the applicant must completely fill in the online SLU-CEE Application form by encoding information requested;

Step 3:

The applicant will download, print, and accomplish the PRINCIPAL’S RECOMMENDATION FORM and the SLU DATA PRIVACY POLICY FORMThese will be sealed in a white long business envelope addressed to the Academic School Dean of the program the applicant is applying for and will be submitted to the University Registrar’s Office during the scheduled Testing Date

Step 4:

The applicant will pay to SLU the NON-REFUNDABLE application and testing fee of P550.00 for applicants who will take the SLU-CEE at the SLU Main campus and P750.00 for those who will be taking the exam at a Satellite Testing Center

Payment can be done through the following:

1) SLU Finance Office; or

2) SLU’s Philippine National Bank (PNB) Bank Account.

Please refer to the complete procedures for bank payment incorporated in the SLU-CEE Online application facility

Step 5:

If payment is made through the SLU Finance Office, the applicant must show the receipt immediately to the University Registrar’s Office, Admissions Section for payment confirmation and preparation of the SLU-CEE Exam Permit which will be sent to the applicant’s SLU Admission Online Account. If payment is made through the bank, the applicant will receive confirmation of payment through his/her SLU Admission Online Account.  Once the SLU-CEE Test Permit is sent to the applicant’s account, he/she must print the permit together with the Accomplished Principal’s Recommendation Form and SLU Data Privacy Policy Form. The applicant must personally bring his/her SLU-CEE Test permit on the examination schedule based on the No Permit No Exam policy.

Step 6:

The applicant will take the SLU-CEE at the designated test venue where required documents will be submitted upon entry to the examination room.  Applicants shall bring with them their school ID card for reference and verification purposes;

Step 7:

The applicant will be informed of the SLU-CEE Result via the SLU Admission Online Account.  Results will be posted at the University Registrar’s Office’s Bulletin Board at the Diego Silang Lobby.


All INTERNATIONAL/FOREIGN STUDENTS are to apply separately and individually at the University Registrar’s Office relative to the required SLU English Proficiency Test, Personality Test and Interview, subject to the payment of package Pre-Admission Processing Fee.



Apply via the SLU Website:, for Satellite SLU-CEE, ON-SITE PROCESSING is also entertained one day before the examination subject to the submission of the Principal’s Recommendation Form and SLU Data Privacy Policy Form.

The applicants are then URGED to VERIFY the respective SLU-CEE schedule one week before taking the trip for the examination: call (074) 442 3043 / (074) 443 2001 / (074) 444 8246 to 48 / (074) 444 8253, local 204; call/text # 09060567334; e-mail:



  1. ENTRANCE SCHOLARSHIPS await the TOP 100 PLACERS in the SLU-CEE100% tuitional discount each for the TOP 1-10 PLACERS; 50% tuitional discount each for the TOP 11-100 PLACERS. The scholarship is valid only for the First Semester of the Academic Year 2020-2021;
  2. Those who prefer to join the satellite examination must specify their choice of venue during online application;
  3. Given the cluster of test schedules, if the maximum capacity level has been reached, overflow applicants may take the examination on a CHANCE BASIS, i.e., if a slot is available, or will be scheduled on subsequent SLU-CEE day as a remedy since the actual turn-out of applicants within the cluster is unpredictable;
  4. WALK-IN applicants on or shortly before the scheduled SLU-CEE may take the examination only on a CHANCE BASIS, otherwise may be redirected to the next available SLU-CEE schedule;
  5. BRING along your valid Grade 12 Senior High School ID on your scheduled SLU-CEE; NO valid Grade 12 ID, NO EXAM;
  6. In case of inability to take the SLU-CEE as per schedule, or error in encoding on the Permit, please contact immediately the SLU University Registrar’s Office, Admissions Center for possible re-scheduling, advice, and/or rectification;
  7. Coverage of the SLU-CEE are: Mathematics, English, and Science;
  8. The APPLICANT MUST PERSONALLY CARRY his/her SLU-CEE Permit up to the examination venue and it must not be placed inside the sealed white long envelope containing the Principal’s Recommendation Form and Data Privacy Policy Form.
  9. All examinees MUST BRING their own SHARPENED No. 2 PENCILS (2 pcs.).