General Admission Policy

Saint Louis University Laboratory Junior High School (SLU – LJHS) reserves the right at any time to refuse to admit or to readmit students under certain conditions as enrolment in the school is a privilege;

The school is a missionary Catholic college preparatory school thus it gives priority to Catholic applicants. However, non – Catholic applicants may be admitted provided that they undertake to participate in all religious activities that are conducted by the school. The school shall not grant any exemption to any student by reason of his/ her religious affiliation;

Students from any recognized school in the country and abroad are welcome to SLU- LJHS in accordance with the Philippine Constitution, pertinent laws of the country and the Philosophy and Objectives of the school; and

A student’s application will only be given due course when he/ she satisfies all the qualifications and requirements and has none of the disqualification prescribed by the Department of Education, pertinent laws and such rules promulgated by the school.

Qualifications for Admission

For Grade 7 Applicants:

  1. Must have a mark “PROMOTED TO GRADE 7/ NEXT GRADE LEVEL”;
  2. Must have a Character Grade of at least Satisfactory (S) or its equivalent; and
  3. Must have passed the SLU – LJHS Entrance Exam

For Grade 8- 10 Transfer Students:

  1. Must have passed all his / her subjects prior to enrolment;
  2. Must have a Character Grade of at least Satisfactory (S) or its equivalent;
  3. Must have passed the SLU – LJHS Entrance Examination; and
  4. Must not have been previously sanctioned by SLU – LJHS with Non – Readmission or Exclusion



  1. Fully Accomplished Application Form;
  2. Photocopy of most recent Report Card (Form 138);
  3. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (from any authorized agency);
  4. Certificate of Good Moral Conduct (except for SLU – LES graduates);
  5. Fully accomplished Letter of Recommendation accomplished by anyone of the following personnel from the applicant’s former school: Principal, Class Adviser, Guidance Counselor, or authorized school representative;
  6. 5 copies of most recent, identical 2×2 ID picture; (close up; with Name Tag and white background; applicant in decent haircut – no color or highlights; no earrings for boys and no multiple earrings for girls; and applicant should be in his/her school uniform)
  7. Testing Fee Receipt (Php 300.00) or certificate of Discount for SLU regular employee’s dependent/s;
  8. 1 long white folder (where all of the admission requirements listed above shall be placed)