Special Admission Procedures and Requirements for Transfer Applicants for First Semester, Academic Year 2020 – 2021
23 July 2020


1. POLICY ON THE ADMISSION OF TRANSFER APPLICANTS. SLU admits transferees in all programs except for Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science and Bachelor of Science in Nursing subject to their compliance with pertinent requirements and guidelines. They must undergo transcript evaluation by the Dean or Department Head of the course applied for and an online interview scheduled by the Guidance Center. International Students from non-English speaking countries applying as transferee are also subject to the guidelines on the English Proficiency evaluation. In compliance with IATF quarantine protocols, interview and evaluation shall be done.

2. Initially, admission via transfer, except for local pre-arranged scholars, is limited to:

i. applicants to a four-year course and who have not earned more than 84 units; or,
ii. applicants to a five-year course and who have not earned more than 126 units.
iii. PROVIDED further that:

1. they have not incurred any failing grade and/or non-passing mark, NFE, INC, DROPPED etc.;
2. they have not attended more than two (2) schools prior to their transfer to SLU;
3. they have met the SLU-CEE norm applicable at SLU at the time of their admission to college if ever they had taken the SLU-CEE in the past;
4. they have not previously obtained a Transfer Credential (Honorable Dismissal) from SLU due to academic and/or disciplinary reasons; and,
5. they have not been unduly interrupting their college studies.

3. Transfer applicants for the BS Radiologic Technology or BS Pharmacy program may only be accepted provided that they have no failing grades in Math, Physical Sciences and Biological Sciences; and obtained a general weighted average of at least 82 %.


1. Processing of Application: The transfer applicant shall apply for admission at the Office of Student Affairs within 10 days before the start of enrollment. Applicant shall submit the following scanned requirements via email to: osa@slu.edu.ph,

i. Application letter with the following information (filename of the scanned copy as Application Letter_Name of Applicant):

1. Former school/s attended and course/s taken;
2. Experiences in the former school/s
3. Reason/s for transferring to SLU;
4. Course to be pursued in SLU;
5. Reason/s for choosing the intended course; and,
6. Promise to abide by the rules and regulations of SLU;

ii. Duly accomplished OSA Application Form for Transferees (filename of the scanned copy as OSA Application Form_Name of Applicant)

iii. Certified true copy of complete academic records (filename of the scanned copy as CTC_Name of Applicant)

iv. Certificate of Good Moral Character from previous school/s (filename of the scanned copy as CGMC_Name of the Applicant)

v. 2×2 ID Picture (filename of the scanned picture as Picture_name of Applicant)

2. OSA shall print scanned documents and submit these to the corresponding School Dean and/or Department Head tasked to evaluate and verify the subjects taken vis-à-vis the course curriculum. 

3. After the evaluation and verification of subjects by the School Dean and/or Department Head, OSA shall inform the transfer applicant of the result of the transcript evaluation and further instructs the applicant to continue the application process by providing the URL link to the iSLU Portal.  https://i2.slu.edu.ph/newapplication/

4. After creating an account in the iSLU Portal and payment of the processing fee (Php 350.00), the University Registrar’s Office (URO) shall confirm payment and informs OSA that the transfer applicant has been cleared to proceed with the interview. 

5. Having satisfied the initial qualifications and submitted the basic application requirements, all transfer applicants shall undergo an interview by the Guidance Center. OSA will provide the Guidance Center with the list of transfer applicants, contact details and their printed documents to aid the interview. English proficiency of all International transfer applicants coming from non-English speaking countries shall also be evaluated by the Guidance Center. Should there be a need for further evaluation of the English proficiency of the applicant, referral to the Languages and International Studies Unit (LISU) can be decided by the Guidance Center. LISU will inform the Guidance Center through a summary report of the evaluation of applicants referred to the unit. Guidance Center shall contact and schedule an online interview with the transfer applicants. 

6. After the Guidance Center furnishes OSA of the qualitative summary results of the interview, OSA informs transfer applicants of their results and if favorable, the enrolment procedures. If not favorable, OSA shall advise the transfer applicant to consider applying in other higher education institutions. 

7. OSA furnishes a list of qualified transfer applicants to corresponding School Dean Offices and their Permit to Enroll.

8. Qualified transfer applicants will enroll through the iSLU Portal.

9. University Registrar’s Office shall be the recipient of the following hardcopy documents sent by Transfer Students.

i. Transfer Credential

ii. Certificate of Good Moral Character

iii. Photocopy of Birth Certificate (PSA or NSO Copy)

iv. Police Clearance from hometown

v. OSA Form (For is downloadable in the SLU Website.)

vi. Random Drug Testing Acknowledgement Form (Drug Testing is NOT required. The form is downloadable in the SLU Website.)
vii. Photocopy of passport, valid visa and ACR-I card (for International students only)

viii. For Persons with Disability. Download the Student with Special Needs Form* to be sent together with the other documents. In addition, a Medical Certificate stating that they are “FIT to ENROL” must be e-mailed to the Guidance Center at gcdir@slu.edu.ph within the first three (3) weeks of classes. An applicant who fails to submit the required certification from his/her attending physician may be asked to withdraw with permission as the main intention is to ensure his/her well-being or best interest.
(*) Downloadable at the SLU website: www.slu.edu.ph, Admissions Tab


  1. The School Dean concerned shall be consulted for the academic evaluation of the transfer applicant as well as for advice;
  2. Qualified transfer applicants shall take all the subjects as prescribed in the SLU curriculum and /or repeat professional and other subjects as may be required by the School Dean. Even as the applicant has complied with all the admission requirements, the enrolment will still be subject to the availability of slots and subjects;
  3. SLU reserves the right to accept or refuse any applicant for transfer. SLU also reserves the right to invalidate or revoke the admission and enrollment of any transfer applicant who may have committed misrepresentation/s, concealed and/or withheld any needed information, or made false statements in their application.
  4. All transfer students will undergo a probationary period for one (1) semester and like all the other students, their first semester academic performance is subject to the SLU Academic Retention Policy.