How do I get an easy access to my SLU-CEE Results?

I can’t access my iSLU Portal Account because I forgot my password, how can I retrieve my password?

  • In order to facilitate the retrieval of your password, please click this  link: and then look for the “Account Request” button to retrieve your password.

I have not yet taken the SLU-CEE, can I still apply and take the examination?

  • Interested first year applicants may still be accommodated on the remaining dates of the Special SLU-CEE: July 18 and August 8, 2020. Changes in the schedule will be announced in due time.

I failed to qualify in the BSMLS or BSN program. Is there a chance for me to still enroll in BSMLS or BSN?

  • All non-qualifiers to the BSMLS or BSN program and are very much interested to enroll in SLU are advised to choose from the other courses or programs. Please check the SLU Website for a listing of other courses or programs that may be fit for you considering your abilities, skills, personality, interests and finances. A Guidance Counselor will be readily available for Career Counseling/ Consultation during the enrolment.

I am qualified to enroll in SLU for AY 2020-2021; however, I had a change of plan and I want to change the course or program I want to enroll. Is it possible for me to change course or program? What will I do?

  • Yes. SLU allows its qualified freshmen students to change course or program.  This can be facilitated before enrolment (when work resumes in SLU) or during your scheduled enrolment date.  However, please be informed that “change of course or program” will be subject to the following: (a) evaluation by the accepting Dean of the School where your course or program is offered, and (b) availability of slots.

I did not qualify in the SLU-CEE.  Can I be allowed to have a re-take?

  • No. Please be informed that the SLU-CEE can only be taken once.  Retake will not be allowed.

How much is the Tuition Fee for my course or program in SLU?

  • We will provide you with the information as soon as plans are finalized. Please take note that these are estimates and expect for some possible adjustments.  The breakdown of your Tuition Fee will be given during your enrolment for actual reference. For your minimum down payment, please refer to the letter sent to you in your iSLU Portal.

I want to know if I made it to the TOP 100 of the SLU-CEE. How can I check this?

  • Normally, the List for the Top 100 of the SLU-CEE is not posted.  However, all Top 100 examinees are sent an individual congratulatory letter through their individual iSLU Portal.

What Scholarships are available for me and how can I apply?

Is there an Entrance Scholarship in SLU for Valedictorians/ Salutatorians?

  • Yes, there is. Valedictorians enjoy a 100% Tuition Fee discount except miscellaneous fees. On the other hand, Salutatorians enjoy 50% Tuition Fee Discount except miscellaneous fees. As it does not include the Miscellaneous Fees, they will be expected to pay the required down payment.  This is good for 1 Semester only. The certification form can be downloaded through the website under the Admissions menu.  They have it signed, stamped/dry sealed by their Senior High School Principal and to bring it with them during their enrolment so that the necessary adjustment will be applied to their SLU Student Account.

Is there a dormitory available on campus? If there is, what are my options and how much is the fee per month?

  • Saint Louis University has dormitories available for both Male and Female students both in the Main Campus and Maryheights Campus in Bakakeng. Please refer to the fees below and the type of dormitory available.