The biggest Arts Festival of the SLU Center for Culture and Arts is back and it’s virtual! Let’s celebrate together, the value of culture in our lives and the passion of experiencing something new. Keep an eye on our Facebook page as we unveil the #SLUCCAVAF2021 this March!


Join us for a series of online events celebrating the art and artists who have taken the call to respond to the Virtual Arts Festival 2021 through the production of different performing arts that serves to educate and create a narrative of this interesting time in our history.

From the selected dates of March, we are curating a series of virtual competitions that feature the talented students of Saint Louis University to highlight their remarkable performances.

Come as we celebrate and support the amazing artists and performers who have been instrumental in delivering competitive shows.

Mark your calendars and be prepared to be mesmerized!

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Dance Fest

Drama Fest

Gab Fest

Culminating Show