All entries must be created with digital technology and presented in various formats of stand-alone digital art image such as, but not limited to:

  • Graphic Poster
  • Web Comic
  • Fractal/Algorithmic Art
  • Data-Moshing
  • Dynamic Painting
  • 2D Computer Graphics
  • 3D Computer Graphics
  • Pixel Art
  • Photo-painting
  • Manual Vector Drawing
  • Integrated Art / Mixed Media and Hybrid Painting
  • Raster Painting
  • Computer-Generated Painting
  1. THEME

All artworks should focus on this year’s theme of the Celebration of 500 years of Christianity in the Philippines – “Gifted to Give”

  2. Elementary
  3. Junior High School
  4. Senior High School
  5. College
  2. Only presently enrolled students of SLU Laboratory Elementary, Junior High School, Senior High School, and College may join the competition.
    1. For the Elementary and Junior High School Categories, there will be 2 subcategories:
      1. Grades 1 – 3 and Grades 4 – 6 for the Elementary, and
      1. Grades 7 – 8 and Grades 9 – 10 for the Junior High School.
  3. The competition is open for both amateur and professional artists.
  4. Entries should be in high-resolution JPEG format, preferably with minimum dimensions of 1920 x 1080 pixels, and 300 dpi. The maximum file size should be 10MB.
  5. Entries must be a static digital image that is an original creation by the participant.
  6. Each entry must be accompanied by a brief artist’s description of the art work of no more than 150 words.
  • Entries that were submitted in previous competitions, included in publications, or otherwise used for any commercial purpose.
  • Entries with elements that infringe on the intellectual property rights of other individuals, organizations, or other creative sources.
  • Animated works or moving electronic imagery such as motion graphics, 2D/3D animation, stop motion animation, graphic interchange format (GIF), and other sub-classifications.
  • Entries that underwent a manual process in hand drawing, traditional painting, or printmaking that were migrated or scanned into digital format.
  • Entries that violate trademark and copyright laws and those with explicit and malicious content that incites prejudice on race, sex, religion, and other forms of human and animal rights.
  • There will be a pre-screening to be conducted per school. Each school will have a 3-person screening panel. The panel’s task is to screen all the entries and submit the final entries to CCA:
  • College                         21 (3 entries per school)   
  • Senior High                  10
  • Junior High A               5
  • Junior High B               5                                          
  • Elementary A               5
  • Elementary B               5
  • Each contestant may submit only one entry.
  • The submission of entries to the screening panel will be on March 8, 2021, and the submission of the final entries to the CCA will be on March 11, 2021 – at 8:00 PM. Finalists will be required to submit the following:
    • Pictures and/or videos of the participants working on their piece
    • Landscape video of the participants introducing themselves and talking about their piece.
  • The art works of all the finalists will be posted on the SLU CCA facebook page on March 15, 2020 at 12 noon where viewers can vote by liking a specific work. Art work with the most likes will be awarded the people’s choice award.
  • The video presentation of finalists will be shown via facebook live on March 22, 2020 via the facebook page of the SLU CCA.
  • The announcement and awarding of winners will be done on a separate day together with winners of the other festivals to be held at Gever’s Conference Hall on March 26,2021 at 2:00 p.m.  The Deans and Principals of each school will be requested to accept the awards in behalf of the participants. Participants and coordinators will join via zoom.
  • The CCA will provide the links for the google forms for the entry forms per category.
  • Guidelines and other necessary information about the activity are also indicated in the abovementioned form.
  • Naming convention: entry file should be named as follows: TITLE OF ARTWORK_Artist’s Full Name_schoolinitial.jpg
    • (e.g., COVID19_JuanDelaCruz_SHS.jpg).
  • Entries with incomplete details or requirements are automatically disqualified.
  • By submitting an entry, the contestant agrees to all of the competition rules and mechanics, including the decision of the jury.

The panel of judges will consist of 3 credible persons (2 members and 1 chairperson) who will rate the painting according to the following criteria:

Originality of the work concept                                                             30%

Relevance to the Theme and Interpretation                                       30%

Unity of Composition of Elements                                                       20%

Technical Proficiency and Creative Use of Digital Media                 20%

                                                     TOTAL                                                 100%

    • One trophy for the champions of each category
    • Award certificates for the second and third place winners
    • One special award trophy for the people’s choice award
    • Certificate of participation to all participants