We envision a Graduate School that stands for excellence and innovation and that will be globally identified for the distinction of its programs and quality of its research.

As a CICM institution whose identity and purpose originates from a tradition of academic excellence, we are committed to:

  • develop intellect and creativity through excellence in instruction, research and extension work.
  • form scholars and high-level professionals in the various disciplines who are ethical and demonstrate functional competencies in both the local and global workplace.
  • hone the professional and social skills and critical capabilities of students enabling them to become responsible leaders in their careers and community.
  • provide students opportunities to serve the larger community through extension work and community service.
  • produce quality research in the various fields of knowledge which are internationally recognized.
  • recruit faculty who are acknowledged experts in the field and to complement the teaching staff by inviting international scholars in the various disciplines.
  • build partnerships and linkages with other academic institutions, industry and government entities at the local and international level.
  • enhance the image and visibility of the Graduate School and its work in both the local and global community.