Admission Policy

Saint Louis University welcomes local and foreign students alike, subject to University admission Policies, requirements, and academic standards and pertinent laws of the Republic of the Philippines

  • Undergraduate Freshman Students
    • All undergraduate freshman applicants must pass the SLU College Entrance Examination (SLU-CEE) and must qualify within the slots duly determined for their chosen course. The regular SLU-CEE is conducted during weekends from the middle of October up to the middle of December. Admission for the first semester starts at the middle of April.
  • Transfer Students
    • SLU admits transferees in all courses except Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science subject to their compliance with pertinent requirements and guidelines. They must undergo a Qualifying Examination (QE) and if qualified, will take the Personality Test and Interview. Foreign students applying as transferee are subject to the English Proficiency Test (EPT) rule.
  • Graduate Program Students
    • The applicant must have f inished the prerequisite degree/s prior to acceptance to the Graduate Program;
      • For a Master’s degree, the applicant must have a Baccalaureate degree from an institution of recognized standing
      • For a Doctorate degree, the applicant must have a Master’s degree in related fields from an institution of recognized standing.
  • Foreign Students
    • Foreign students should apply not later than 6 months before the start of the academic term. Moreover, they should be in Baguio City at least 4 weeks before the start of classes of the academic term for them to take the EPT as well as SLU-CEE / QE / GPEE, and Personality Test.
    • Foreign students applying for the first time either in the undergraduate or graduate program should initially possess satisfactory proficiency in English and have passed the EPT as well as the pertinent entrance examination and Personality Test. Before enrolling, they undergo Preadmission Processing at the Student Affairs Office.
    • Foreign students must secure a valid Student Visa. There are two options in securing a Student Visa. For related information, consult Foreign Student section of the Registrar’s Office.