The Fr. Joseph Van den Daelen – Center for Culture and the Arts (CCA) is envisioned as a creative and excellent center that harnesses and optimizes the potential of both the student-artist as well as the educators, through the significant programs that promote cultural awareness and the Christian spirit, develop artistry and competence in the arts, and the provision of quality facilities and services to the University and the community.

CCA remains a significant venue for the education and the trainings of artists and as a seat of exploring and experiencing the arts. It renders its share towards the realization of a vision to look forward to a new dawn of creativity and artistic excellence.

The CCA Performing Groups

SLU Concert Orchestra

SLU Concert Orchestra 2
SLU Concert Orchestra 2
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SLU Dance Troupe

The SLU Dance Troupe, established in 1993, is the resident dance company of Saint Louis University in Baguio City. The SLU Dance Troupe, was featured in various musical productions, and it also produces showcases, folk dance concerts, and contemporary shows annually. Aside from its local performances, the group has also been performing in several places in the Philippines and astounded the international audience with its tours in California, U.S.A; Guangzhou, China; Belgium; Buriram, Thailand; Jinju, South Korea and recently in Busan South Korea. The company’s exposure to thriving artistry, combined with the university’s support, has strengthened the SLU Dance Troupe position within the Arts Community. Through the years, all the company’s performances have reaped astounding esteem and numerous accolades, an unignorable testimony of the exemplary capabilities of both its mentors and members.

SLU Dance Troupe 1
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SLU Glee Club

The SLU Glee Club (Saint Louis University Glee Club) is the resident choral performing group of the Center for Culture and the Arts of Saint Louis University since 1993. Established in 1993 by Mr. Norman Moredo, the group is comprised of students coming from the different schools of the university.  In 1997, the group started to train under the tutelage of  Normita Rio-Pablico up to present. It aims to harness and optimize the potential of both the student-artist as well as the educators and provide its audience with excellent choral experiences that include an array of repertoire from traditional, classical, ethnic, religious, pop and contemporary.–

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SLU Symphonic Band

Throughout the years, the Saint Louis University Symphonic Band has established a remarkable legacy of delivering crisp and excellent notes whether for marching or a difficult overture. As SLU and Baguio City grew through the years, so did the Symphonic Band making it an institution in itself. Today, the current members as well as the alumni of the SLU band has instilled in their lives the trademark of a true louisian, the fond memories and the virtues they gained from being a part of the SLU band. The legacy of the SLU Symphonic Band will always be the foundation that continues to pioneer academic and creative opportunities for it’s current and future members.

SLU Symphonic Band 1
SLU Symphonic Band 3
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Tanghalang SLU

Established in 1998, Tanghalang SLU is the resident theater company of Saint Louis University. We envision becoming a successful theater company imbued with a Christian Spirit that consistently delivers quality professional, transformational and outstanding performances.

Facilities and Venues

CCA Theater

CCA Conference Room (C-013)

CCA 1st Basement Lobby

Fr. Francis Gevers Conference Hall