The School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) envisions herself as an exemplary educational institution for engineering and architecture dedicated to elevating instruction, research, and extension to a higher level of competence and creativity committed to shaping the socio-technical environment founded on Christian values.


  1. To enhance intellect and creativity through excellence in instruction, research, and extension work
  2. To promote the highest ethical standards among scholars/professionals in various disciplines as they engage in instruction, research and extension
  3. To hone the professional and social skills, and critical capabilities of students enabling them to become responsible leaders in their careers and community
  4. To provide the students opportunities to serve the larger community through extension work and community service
  5. To produce quality research in the various fields of knowledge that is internationally recognized
  6. To assign faculty who are acknowledged experts in the field and to complement the teaching staff by inviting international scholars in the various disciplines
  7. To build partnerships and linkages between the Graduate School and academic institutions, industry and government entities at the local, national and international level
  8. To elevate the image and visibility of the Graduate School and its work in both the local and global community

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5F Otto Hahn Building

SLU Main Campus

A. Bonifacio St., 2600 Baguio City


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Dean: local 242
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