Office of the President
Office of the Executive Assistant to the President
Office of the Internal Auditor

Mission and Identity Cluster

Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity
Center for Campus Ministry
Community Extension and Outreach Programs Office
St. Aloysius Gonzaga Parish Office
Sunflower Child and Youth Wellness Center


Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs
School of Accountancy, Management, Computing and Information Studies
School of Advanced Studies
School of Engineering and Architecture
School of Law
School of Medicine
School of Nursing, Allied Health, and Biological Sciences Natural Sciences
School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts
Basic Education School
External Relations, Media and Communications and Alumni Affairs
Office of Institutional Development and Quality Assurance
University Libraries
University Registrar’s Office
University Research and Innovation Center


Office of the Vice President for Finance
Asset Management and Inventory Control Office
Finance Office
Printing Operations Office
Technology Management and Development Department


Office of the Vice President for Administration
Athletics and Fitness Center
Campus Planning, Maintenance, and Security Department
Center for Culture and the Arts
Dental Clinic
Guidance Center
Human Resource Department
Students’ Residence Hall
Medical Clinic
Office for Legal Affairs
Office of Student Affairs