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The Community Extension and Outreach Programs (CEOPO) serves as the supporting and coordinating arm for the development of the University’s extension and outreach programs. Its main task is to ensure that the University’s extension, outreach, and social services development agenda is carried out and well-organized. Specifically, it promotes collaboration among the different schools, offices and extension institutes and foundations in the University and provides support services so as to facilitate their extension endeavors.

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SLU derives its mandate for extension and social services from its identity and role as an institution of higher learning with its trifocal functions of instruction, research, and extension. However, unlike state universities and colleges (SUCs) which are mandated specifically to align their programs in support of national, regional or local development plans (cf. RA 7722 or Higher Education Act of 1994, Sec. 2, Par.2), the University adopts a more liberal thrust for each extension programs. As CICM (Congregatio Immaculati Cordis Mariae / Congregation of the Immaculate Heart of Mary) educational institution, it pursues its programs within the broader frame of the CICM missionary focus on the transformation of the world and the coming of the reign of God (CICM Constitutions Commentary, 1999) through its Justice, Peace, Integrity of Creation, and Indigenous Peoples’ Apostolate (JPIC-IPA).

Guided by the vision of holistic development of peoples and community, the University commits itself to the educational, religious, cultural, socio-economic, political, health, and environmental development needs of its partner communities and the nation as a whole. However, as there are also other institutions working on each of these areas, the University endeavours to focus on particular needs that are least attended to especially those that are in line with CICM mission priorities and Catholic Educational Association of the Philippines’ JEEPGY Advocacies and insofar as its capacities can reasonably allow.

As a higher education institution with expertise in teaching and research, it is precisely these specializations that the University brings to bear in its extension programs. Extension, however, is not a one-way traffic. As the University shares its expertise with the partner communities, a positive feedback is generated from the partner stakeholders and the process of extension itself, leading to more insights and questions on the state of knowledge. As theory meets practice, as formal knowledge meets casual needs, new impetus for knowledge generation and refinement shall ensue. This dynamic shall then enrich instruction and research within the University. 


School of Accountancy, Management, Computing, and Information Studies

Title of ProgramExtension Program CoordinatorBudgetStatusTimeline
Diversification and Quality Assessment of Ube-based food products produced by the Banangan Women’s Association of Sitio Suyoc, Sablan, Benguet with subsequent FDA approval for improved livelihood opportunitiesProf. Maria Araceli D. Tambol20, 350.00Accomplished One-day skills training focusing on the processing of the Ube crop into several different high value food products. The training covered up to six different activities for different recipes. The community members themselves also took part in the baseline sensory evaluation of the products they made in preparation for component project 2.January 2022-January 2023 (1 year)

School of Engineering and Architecture

Title of ProgramExtension Program CoordinatorBudgetStatusTimeline
Designing and Implementing a 5S Program at Happy Hallow National High SchoolEngr. Geraldine Nerona  22,060.00*Implemented the Standardize Action Steps and 5S sustained action steps Perform the 5S Visual Workplace Audit *Culminated this May 2022 with an accomplished terminal report  Pre-pandemic: August 2019- July 2021 With 1 year gap due to pandemic Pandemic: August 2021-June 2022
Developing a Computer – Based Barangay Hazard MapEngr. Leslie Campolet38,620.00Updated the QGIS manual BDRRMC Lecture Workshop on QGIS using Landslide Data BDRRMC Training on GIS Heat map and Terrain slope, fault lines BDRRMS Training on QGIS, Map Attributes, incorporating other data such as flood prone areas, sinkholes,etc.Pre-pandemic: August 2019-July 2021 With 1 year gap due to pandemic Pandemic: August 2021-August 2022
Management of biodegradable waste using Aerobic composting barrel at the Barangay Level of Baguio CityEngr. Jeffrey Duran76,618.002nd phase: Fabrication of composting barrels in the Mechanical Engineering Shop, Saint Louis University and shooting of video for DIY videoPre-pandemic: August 2019-July 2021 With one year gap due to pandemic Pandemic: August 2021-December 2022
“Pansasabatan: Community-based Eco-Tourism Plan of Happy Hallow”Arch. Chester Allan Kiat-ongAY 2021-2022: 14,940.00 AY 2022-2023: 19,760.00 Total: 34,700.00Accomplished Site suitability assessment and Matrix at the Barangay Happy Hallow to determine the extent of ecotourism development that can be done in the site.September 2021-July 2023 (2 years)  
Seismic Assessment of Atok National High School Building using Pushover-AnalysisEngr. Winfield Ampaguey42,020.00Idealized model and CAD plan of the target buildings based on the final inspection.Pre-pandemic: August 2019-July 2021 Pandemic: January 2022-December 2022

School of Nursing, Allied Health and Biological Sciences

Title of ProgramExtension Program CoordinatorBudgetStatusTimeline
Enhancing the Skills of Basic Education Science Investigatory Project advisers in Tools and Techniques for Biological Science Studies via Modular Training- WorkshopProf. Tomasa Colallad113,000.00Accomplished the Training workshop of the SIP adviser-participantsThree and a half years Pandemic: January 2019-May 2023
Strengthening the Capacity of the Cuba and Lubo Barangay Local Health Board as Functional Leaders for Sustainable Health of Cuba and Lubo Indigenous PeoplesMr. Alfrando CaluzaLubo, Kapangan, Benguet: 37, 910.00 Cuba, Kapangan, Benguet: 33,770.00Impact assessment and sustainability   *Assistance rendered to partner communities during this COVID-19 pandemic Impact assessment and evaluation of SON extension project was done. *Extension project of the School of Nursing culminated this December 23, 2021.February 2020 to December 2021 (2 years)  

School of Teacher Education and Liberal Arts

Title of ProgramExtension Program CoordinatorBudgetStatusTimeline
Capacity Building for DepEd Teachers on the Use of Bloom Software : a Tool for Developing Decodable and Levelled Books for Early Grade ReadersDr. Glorificacion Quinopez  37,310.00Validation of decodable and levelled books written by the trained DepEd teachers  Pre-pandemic: August 2019-May 2022 (3 years) Pandemic: January 2021-July 2023
Missionary Spirit Building through Catechetical Formation for the Indigenous Working Scholars of the Religious of the Good Shepherd Sisters  Prof. Andrea Clabson  65,240.00Accomplished the external validation of the developed modulesMarch 2020-December 2025 (5 years)
Capacity building for Professional Education Teachers on Curriculum Quality AuditProf Sheryll M. Palangyos3,919.00*Impact assessment on the implementation and supervision of the Curriculum Quality Audit *Culminated this May 2022Pre-pandemic: August 2019-July 2021 Pandemic: August 2020-July 2022
Enhancing the Technical Writing and Speech Communication Skills of the Different Police Personnel of the Police Regional Office Cordillera (PRO-COR) through the Regional Learning and Doctrine Development Division (RLDDD)R8Dr. Mary Ann U. Albert58,255.00Accomplished the MOU Signing and Training Program Proper with PROCOR1 year and 5 months Pre-pandemic: Pandemic: August 2021-July 2022
Enhancing the Teaching Strategies of Public Basic Education Teachers Handling Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao (ESP) Towards the Inculcation of Virtues and Values Among Grade 1 PupilsAtty. Mark Ramolete32,730.00Accomplished the Part II-Capacity building program of teachers thru INSET and impact assessment at the Sablan National High SchoolPre-pandemic: August 2019-December 2021  

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