The Saint Aloysius Gonzaga Parish

The main role of the SLU Parish is to assist in the realization of the vision, mission and goals of Saint Louis University and of the Diocese of Baguio, through the empowerment of its students, faculty, non-teaching personnel and administrative personnel. As a Christian community, SLU Parish seeks to stimulate, nurture and challenge one another spiritually and intellectually through its ministries in order to live a Christ-centered life.  It is a full-pledged parish, and not merely a chaplaincy, with all the programs and sacramental responsibilities of such. The hope of the Parish at SLU is to form small groups of Christian disciples who worship, hear God’s Word and become Good news for each other, building therefore a new world order according to God’s plan.

Vision – Mission – Objectives

We envision the SLU Parish as a committed, creative, and dynamic missionary community of Christian disciples dedicated to an enhanced spiritual formation, youth empowerment, social involvement, and competence training.
In line with the core values of Saint Louis University, the objectives of the SLU Parish shall be the following:

  1. To form and empower Christian communities of disciples within the SLU Parish, especially the youth;
  2. To involve parishioners in church activities and other community concerns (i.e., calamities, outreach programs) for the transformation of society;
  3. To implement and coordinate activities with the Institute of Philosophy and Religion, Guidance Center, Student Affairs Office, and the Diocese of Baguio, in consonance with the SLU Parish vision-mission statement;
  4. To become a creative and dynamic missionary base according to the SLU vision-mission statement;
  5. To promote and develop competent lay and religious leaders who will be partners in the building of a true and genuine Christian community.
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Programs and Services Provided

Alongside the religious education formally given in the classrooms, students are given ample chances to participate in spiritual-liturgical and missionary-pastoral activities in the University under the guidance and animation of the Parish Team.

Among the regular activities meant to sustain the Christian growth and maturity of the students are recollections, seminars, Bible study, outreach programs, social action campaigns, and even one-on-one spiritual direction. Liturgical services that are offered are the daily Masses, Weddings, Baptisms and Confessions. Moreover, various parish organizations are open for those who wish to commit themselves to specific services under the parish’s programs and objectives.

Categorized below are some of the programs and services offered by the Parish Office in coordination with the Center for Campus Ministry and with the approval from the Office of the Vice President for Mission and Identity:


  • Daily Eucharistic Celebrations
  • Sacraments of: Confession, Baptism, Wedding, Confirmation, First Holy Communion, Anointing of the sick, Penance
  • Requiem Masses
  • Mass of the Holy Spirit
  • Holy Rosary devotion every month of October
  • Baccalaureate Masses
  • University Founding/Anniversary Mass every November
  • Aguinaldo Masses every December
  • Yearly celebration of the First Holy Communion and Confirmation
  • Celebration of Special Masses (i.e. CICM Centennial Mass, Nursing Capping, Installation of New Parish Priest and President, Buwan ng Wika, etc.)
  • Celebration of Church Feasts (i.e Holy Week, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Immaculate Concepcion)
  • Participation in the Special Masses organized by the Diocese of Baguio


  • Recollections:
    • Yearly Recollection for Faculty and staff
    • Yearly Recollection for students
  • Leadership Trainings: for the different parish organizations and attendance/participation in the trainings organized by the Diocese of Baguio and Other non-SLU Groups.
  • Vocation Awareness Month


  • Mission Collection every month of October
  • Alay Pasko ng Parokya Fund Drive
  • FORA: on Social Issues (i.e. elections, spirituality and sexuality)
  • Distribution of collected Relief goods to indigents (i.e. fire victims, typhoon victims)
  • Participation in the Outreach Programs organized and spearheaded by the Community Extension and Outreach Programs Office


When Saint Louis became a University in 1963, it took some years before there was an official chaplaincy. The first chaplain was then Fr. John De Cloedt who was succeeded for a while by Fr. Evarist Verlinden. In 1969, Msgr. William Brasseur allowed baptisms and marriages to be administered in the SLU Chapel. Thus, according to the books, the first baptism (an adult baptism) was administered on March 2, 1969 and the first marriage was celebrated on October 20, 1969.

On May 15, 1971, Fr. John Ameye received his official appointment as chaplain of SLU. It was Fr. John who worked hard to prepare all the papers for the official erection of the SLU Parish which would be the first University in the country to become a personal parish. August 12, 1972 was the red letter day for the SLU Parish. On that day, Msgr. William Brasseur officially erected the parish and appointed Fr. John as the first Parish Priest.

Fr. John held office at the Jose Burgos Building and published a weekly liturgical bulletin. Unfortunately, during the Aguinaldo masses of 1973, Fr. John got a heart attack and had to be brought to a hospital in Makati. This ended Fr. John’s parish work in SLU.Fr. James Desmet, who was then the head of the Religion Department became the ad interim parish priest until Fr. Wilfried Daels arrived in September 1974. Fr. Wilfried continued the work of Fr. John and established the SLU Parish Council. Fr. Daels did not stay long because in June 1975 he went for a home vacation and got a new assignment upon his return from Belguim. Agaim, Fr. James kept the parish open until the CICM Provincial created a Pastoral Team for the SLU pArish on March 18, 1976. Fr. Luc Colla and Fr. John Slegers were the team members, and Fr. James Desmet was the team coordinator as per appointment by the Bishop.

Fr. John Slegers, who was the former Secretary General of the University, worked together with Fr. James on the College level while Fr. Luc Colla, who was appointed in SLU in January 22, 1976 took care of all the pastoral work in the Elementary and High School Departments. Upon the opening of the SLU hospital on May 10, 1977, Fr. James and Fr. Luc became the Hospital Chaplains.

On June 20, 1979, Fr. John Slegers was called to help out in St. Louis College in Tuguegarao. Fr. August Bellens took his place. Fr. Bellens, as member of the pastoral team, helped out in the parish, taught Scripture and cared for the chaplaincy in the SLU Sacred Heart Hospital. Unfortunately, on account of his poor health, Fr. Bellens left for Home Sweet Home on May 4, 1986. A few days later, on May 8, 1986, Fr. Andres Nowe arrived as the new team member. He continued the work of Fr. Bellens in the hospital; helped out in the parish and started teaching. On September 1, 1986, Fr. Gerard Helsen became a full time chaplain in the SLU Hospital. On October 20, 1986, Fr. Andres Nowe took over as a parish priest from Fr. James Desmet who left for his new assignment as chaplain in St. Louis College, San Fernando, La Union. October of the same year, Fr. Andres became the Parish Priest until April 1995 and the head of the Religion Department.

In 1995, the Religion Department became the Institute of Philosophy and Religion (IPR) with Fr. Paul Van Parijs, CICM as head. On the same year, the IPR separates from the Parish. Fr. Crisanto Draculan, a diocesan priest from Pangasinan functioned as the Parish Priest and the Spirit of Love Catholic Community Spiritual Director.  An ad-hoc parish council was implemented with 2 faculty appointees per college and 2 youth representatives. Fr. Gerard de Boeck, CICM also became the Hospital Chaplain.

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