The University Registrar’s Office (URO)

The University Registrar’s office is tasked mainly with the responsibility for the Custody, Integrity, Management and Release of students records which are vital to the operation of any educational institution.  In the discharge of the URO’s functions, the office closely coordinates with the Finance Office, School Dean’s Offices, Office of Student Affairs, Technology Management and Development Department, among others. The office is directly under the supervision of the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs.

URO Services

The University Registrar’s Office is part of the University’s administrative framework and a member of its policy-making body.  Because the University Registrar’s Office is the repository of school records, the University Registrar’s decision on cases involving credentials, the evaluation of credits, academic placement, and eligibility for graduation is essential.  The University Registrar assists the School Deans in implementing the rules and regulations of the Commission on Higher Education (CHED) on enrollment, subject load, sequencing of subjects, cross-enrollment, substitution of subjects, accreditation of units earned, etc.  He prepares the university academic calendar for every academic year subject to the approval of the University President and disseminates information on new rules and regulations or requirements as necessary.

Issuance of Official Scholastic/Academic Documents

  • Transcript of Records – The OTR is a record/document of the courses taken and grades earned by the student, including credits transferred from other schools. The TOR may be issued for evaluation, further studies locally or internationally, board examination, employment, and/or CHED Certification of Authentication and Verification (CHED-CAV). For it to be authentic, it must bear the signature of the Finance Office, School Dean, and the University Registrar with the university’s dry seal.
  • Diploma – The Diploma is a document awarded by Saint Louis University testifying that a student has graduated by successfully completing the requirements of their program of study and of the rules and regulations of the Commission on Higher Education, LEB, and of the university. Student may only be released one diploma per program completed in Saint Louis University.
  • Certificates – Certificates issued by the University Registrar’s Office include the following:
    1. Certificate of Enrolment
    2. Certificate of Grades
    3. Certificate of General Weighted Average
    4. Certificate of Graduation
    5. Eligibility for Graduation
    6. English as Medium of Instruction
    7. Units Earned
    8. Transfer Credential/Honorable Dismissal
    9. Certified True Copies of Documents

Academic Verification
The University Registrar provides confirmation of academic records to potential employers, scholarships, and other entities that need a student’s enrollment and graduation verified for a particular academic period.

Liaison Services
The University Registrar’s Office liaises with government agencies for the authentication/certification/verification of student records and other reportorial requirements. The office liaises with the following: Commission on Higher Education – CAR (CHED-CAR), Bureau of Immigration, Professional Regulation Commission, Civil Service Commission, and the Department of Foreign Affairs (if necessary).

First Year Enrolment/Admission
The University Registrar, assigned as the Chairman of the Admissions Committee, spearhead the Admission and Enrolment of First Years students.  The enrolment and admission services is shared with the Admissions Committee Office of the Student Affairs, Guidance Center, Finance Office, School Deans, TMDD, and other offices as needed.

Graduation/Commencement Exercises
The URO spearheads the acceptance of applications for graduation, evaluation of graduating students, preparation of the Official List of Graduates, assigning of ROG, preparation of Commencement Exercises Program, medals, diplomas, and other graduation-related tasks.  Furthermore, the URO works closely with the University Programs and Events Logistic Committee in the staging of the commencement exercises program.

ID Releasing for First Year Students
The University Registrar’s Office, in coordination with the Finance Office and the Image Innovation (3rd Party Service Provider), releases the Student IDs of First Year students during the Orientation Week.

Other URO Sections/Staff offering Specific Services


In-charge of overseeing the processing of grades and enrollment data including the supervision of the work and performance of the data entry personnel.


The International Students’ Staff-In-Charge serves the international students in the University.  He maintains and updates the academic records of enrolled international students.  He is also tasked to prepare and submit reports to the Bureau of Immigration (BI), CHED – Cordillera Administrative Region (CHED-CAR), and the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency-CAR (NICA-CAR).  He takes care of the visa requirements of international students, from the visa application procedure, to their monthly or semestral visa extension needs during the duration of their studies. He also handles the records of students who are enjoying educational benefits from the United States Veterans’ Administration (USVA) Office. Closely coordinates with the ERMCAA both in internal and external linkage and exchange student programs.


The Data Processing Staff are supervised by the Records Supervisor.  They perform a variety of clerical tasks ranging from typing, encoding, filing/updating of records, to other specific clerical tasks. They also coordinate with the OSA , different Schools, and the TMDD on matters related to admission, readmission, and enrolment of students.


The evaluators are tasked to constantly monitor and evaluate the academic records of students to guide them on the proper sequence of the required subjects in the particular course, and observe the allowable maximum load prescribed by the CHED.



 They cater to students and alumni of SLU who apply for their credentials. They are composed of four members who are each assigned a particular letter group based on the students’ family name. The service windows section is centralized in order that in the event that one of the staff-in-charge is on-leave, the others can accommodate clients so that services can still be rendered smoothly.



The Government Scholars and Grantees Section-In-Charge caters to the needs of government grantees and scholars. The section-in-charge coordinates with CHED-CAR and with the Finance Office on matters affecting the government grantees and scholars.



The Liaison Officer liaises with the CHED-CAR, BI, Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) and other offices outside the university on school matters as assigned by the Registrar. 


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