Auxiliary Services


Library clients who wish to avail of other library services outside the SLU Libraries may secure referral letters at the Office of the Director of Libraries, V400.


  1. The client will secure four (4) copies of the special ID form from his/her School.
  2. The client will accomplish the necessary information and forward the same to his/her Department Head, School Dean, DOL, and Vice President for Academic Affairs for endorsement and approval.
  3. The client will then proceed to the SLU Finance Office for the release of special ID card.
  4. The client will proceed to the Office of the ADOL for special ID card registration.


A. Faculty Clearance at the End of Each Term

  1. At the end of each term, all faculty members will secure theirFaculty Clearance at the Centralized Circulation Area (CCA) and/or at the ADOL.
  2. Before the issuance of clearance, the faculty’s name will be checked and verified from theList/Database of Faculty/Employees with Library Accountabilities.
  3. If the faculty has unreturned library material/s, he/she will be requested to return first all the library material/s borrowed before securing his/her clearance.
  4. Faculty members are advised to personally claim their clearances. In their absence, authorization letters addressed to the Director of Libraries (DOL) and/or Assistant DOL must be presented.

B. Faculty or Employees Clearance Due to Retirement or Resignation

  1. The client will secure the clearance from the Office of the Vice President for Administration.
  2. The client will proceed to the Office of the ADOL for the checking of library accountabilities.
  3. If the client has library accountabilities, the ADOL will prepare necessary documents to settle the accountabilities.
  4. The client will be asked to pay the amount at the SLU Finance Office, he/she will return to the Office of the ADOL to present his/herOfficial Receipt reflecting his/her payment of the said accountabilities.
  5. The ADOL will remove his/her name from theList of Faculty/ Employee with Library Accountabilities.
  6. The ADOL will affix his/her initial/signature on the clearance.
  7. The client will proceed to the Office of the DOL to finally sign his/her clearance.