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Job vacancies are regularly updated by the SLU Human Resource Department. Vacancies remain open as long as they are posted.

Recruitment, Selection, and Hiring Policies and Guidelines (excerpt from Administrative and Service Personnel Handbook 2016 ed. p 37)

  1. The hiring of personnel for placement to existing vacancies is based solely on merit (qualifications) and fitness (aptitude, competencies, ability, and personality) to perform the work requirements as stated in the job description.
  2. The HRD Office is the center of recruitment, selection, and placement activities. It will “pool efforts together” through contracts and consultation with the Deans and Head of Office to recruit and determine the best qualified applicant based on capability, industry, and other desirable traits of an applicant; and
  3. The selection process is done more effectively when there is more than one (1) applicant for a position.

    Requirements for External Applicants:

    • Application Letter addressed to the HRD Director
    • Updated resumé with ID picture
    • Certified True Copy of Transcript of Records
    • Certificate of Graduation
    • *Updated PRC ID, Board Rating, and/or Board Certificate
    • Certificate of Employment with Good Moral Character or **Certificate of Good Moral Character
    • PSA Birth Certificate
    • *PSA Marriage Certificate

    * if applicable
    ** for fresh graduates

    Requirements for Internal Applicants:

    • Application Letter addressed to the HRD Director duly noted by the current Head of Office
    • Updated resumé with ID picture

    Interested applicants may send their requirements to
    Indicate the position you are applying for in the subject line.
    Alternatively, requirements may be filed in a long white folder and submitted at the
    drop box for employment applications located at the SLU Main Gate