Saint Louis University is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion through implementing the following:
a) internationalization of formal curriculum;
b) international mobility of student and staff;
c) strategic cooperation, partnership and capacity building;
d) internationalization credit mobility; and
e) internationalization at home and digital learning.

The Vision

SLU is envisioned as catalyst for the internationalization of excellent and quality higher education founded on the principle of dynamic university partnership to foster intercultural understanding and create global harmony.

The SLU Internationalization Principles

Catholic higher education in a meaningful interfaith dialogue. SLU contributes to the realization of the evangelization role of Catholic universities in a secular age
through partnerships and networks with strategic international partners.

Integral human and Christian formation. Animated by the example of Jesus Christ, the holistic development of the human person is the overall aim of SLU education to be shared in the international arena.

Unity of mission and identity. Following the revered CICM motto “One Heart, One Soul,” SLU, a vibrant university shares its mission to the world in building on the core of a unified knowledge.

Inclusive education. Professing a student-centered educational philosophy, SLU embraces the pedagogy of inclusion which promotes people’s unique potential in
the context of different learning situations.

Teaching strategy innovations. SLU explores and integrates the benefits of various learning technologies and modalities in the entire educational process, in response to the changing global educational landscape and emerging disciplines.

Collaborative learning. SLU encourages collaborative learning through creative pedagogical platforms as key to effective and meaningful international education.

Justice, peace and integrity of creation. Consistent with the CICM promotion of social justice, sustainable peace, and environmental protection, SLU engages students and faculty, both local and international, in transformative social actions
in mutual partnership with the Church and civil society groups and the international community