UnRIC provides assistance in research by orienting and informing the Louisian community about the tasks and requirements needed to produce high quality research papers. The office also organizes annual trainings and hosts regular research conferences featuring national and international breakthroughs in research. ​

UnRIC’s research support services focus on assisting faculty researchers and undergraduate research promoters. We facilitate trainings on research methods, and advise on the most suitable journals for publication. Our Research Support Office provides assistance, incentives and grants for research projects in all stages. Contact us to learn more! 

SLU Faculty Researchers can avail of the following grants and incentives

Internal Research Grant

Saint Louis University urges faculty to apply for internal funding for research to enrich its institutional vision-mission statements.  The Internal Research Grants are given on a competitive basis subject to the overall scholarly merit of the project proposal and potential social impact on society.​

Research Facilitation  & Mentoring Grant

​The University grant is to involve more faculty in research projects as well as facilitate the transfer of skills from experienced researchers to less-skilled faculty members.​

Manuscript Writing Grant 

​​The university established the manuscript writing grant to facilitate the publication of research outputs by the faculty. The grants will be monitored throughout the process by the UnRIC. If the manuscript gets published, the author shall be entitled to the usual publication cash award.​​

Thesis / Dissertation Writing Grant

Saint Louis University performs the trifocal functions of research, instruction, and extension. The Thesis and Dissertation Writing Grant is intended for the faculty who are on their thesis or dissertation stage. A faculty who is about to undertake or is currently doing any of these phases may apply for the grant.​

Publication Support

The University Research and Innovation Center (UnRIC) motivates faculty researchers to publish the outputs of their researches. The publication support shall be catered to faculty researchers.​

Graduate Faculty Research Facilitation Program

​The Graduate Faculty Research Grant is a ‘research start-up grant’ to support the research development and productivity of the graduate programs. Wherein all graduate faculty must be able to conduct research and publish.​

New PhD Research Grant

Saint Louis University recognizes the need to capitalize on the momentum of fresh PhD graduates to pursue their research careers instead of just returning back to their teaching engagement as ordinary faculty members. Thus, the University sets up the New PhD Research Grant Program in order to support and facilitate the research re-entry of new PhDs.

Research with real impact

UnRIC’s mission is to enhance and facilitate the growing Louisian Research Culture by creating a strong support system that allows faculty researchers to create real impact in their field of expertise.

The academe is an important driver for innovation and positive change and Saint Louis University has a proud history of serving local communities. Together with government agencies and private businesses, we can develop tailored solutions to local problems. Whether we tackle the social implications of climate change, the lasting economic effect of the Covid-19 pandemic or assess the potential of new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence, the key to a safer and more prosperous future lies in meaningful collaboration to solve real-world problems. 

Contact our office, if you want to increase the positive impact of your research work. We will help you

set up cross-functional or multi-disciplinary research projects or help you connect with local businesses,

GOs or NGOs that focus on pressing social issues.