LDTC/ELP Language Documentation Training Webinar

The Language Documentation Training Webinar series for Fall 2022 which is co-hosted by the Language Documentation Training Center (www.ldtc.org) and the Endangered Languages Project (www.endangeredlanguages.com) had their final session last December 10, 2022 (Philippine Time) by inviting 12 participants around the world and showcasing their current language projects. Representing the Philippines, they invited Mr. John Rey Pelila and Ms. Francelle Calub, both graduate students of Saint Louis University to present their current thesis and dissertation on target languages. Specifically, Mr. Pelila, a MAED Major in Language Education student, presented his thesis on the assessment of archaism in Kankanaey language, while Ms. Calub, a PhD in Language Education student, shared as well her dissertation on the assessment of the vitality and Aeta Mag-anchi language.