The CICM as well as the University’s continuous search for the overall welfare of its employees has led us to envision a housing project for our employees who do not have their own residence in the City.

Rev. Fr. Jessie Hechanova (6th President of SLU) on the SLU Centennial Village during the 2009 Academic Session

The Saint Louis University Centennial Village in Barangay Kamog, Sablan, Benguet is a 8-hectare area intended for a housing project for more than 400 SLU employees and their families.

Site development started and the first 100 houses were awarded in 2011 in celebration of the SLU Centennial year.

(Left Photo: The 6th President of SLU, Rev. Fr. Jessie Hechanova inspecting the site together with Engr. Jonathan Lacambra and other contractors and local officials of Sablan during the groundbreaking in July 09, 2010)

Currently, all 100 houses of the Village’s Phase 1 are occupied by SLU employees, most of which are still employed in SLU while some are already retired employees. Phase 2 of the village are expected to start soon to cater to more employees.