SDG 4UAPSA National Conference 2023
by Wilford H. Miguel

The National Congress 2023 for current and future architects in the Philippines was recently held from April 19 to 22, 2023, at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Bay Terminal and Philippine International Convention Center (PICC). The event was organized by the United Architects of the Philippines – Student Auxiliary (UAPSA) in collaboration with United Architects of the Philippines (UAP) and United Architects of the Philippines – Graduates Auxiliary (UAPGA) with the theme “Future-Ready Architects in the Better Normal,” which aimed to provide a platform for current and future architects to learn, collaborate, and connect.

The Congress provided a platform for architects to exchange ideas, discuss current issues in the field, and explore new developments and emerging architectural trends. Overall, the National Congress was a valuable opportunity for architects and future architects to enhance their professional development and build connections within the industry. 

UAPSA National Conference 2023

ArchiFUN FEST and AAA Seminar

For the first activity, the event “ArchiFUN FEST: Connect, Collaborate, Conquer,” was held at the CCP Bay Terminal last April 20, 2023 (Morning event). It was an engaging and interactive event that featured various booths and exhibits, allowing participation in different activities and games. One of the key benefits of the event was the chance to network and collaborate with other students from different UAPSA chapters. After the “ArchiFUN FEST: Connect, Collaborate, Conquer,” the next event, “AAA Seminar,” was held at the PICC Forum last April 20, 2023, with the UAP, UAPGA, and UAPSA.

Leadership Talks

On the second day, attendees participated in an inspiring leadership talk titled “ADHIKA: Inspiring Forthcoming Leaders.” Ar. Buck Richnold Sia presented the discussion and is the District Director for C1, UAP. During the conference, Ar. Sia spoke on “The Role of Accountability: Progressive Leadership in the Field of Architecture.” His presentation focused on the importance of accountability in architecture and how it can help drive progress and innovation. 

Following Ar. Sia’s presentation, the event continued with a second talk by Ar. Christian Vasquez, the UAP President of the Dubai Chapter. His presentation, “Overcoming the State of Pressure: Fostering Multi Cooperative Management and Stability of Work-Life,” focused on the importance of work-life balance in architecture. Ar. Vasquez shared valuable insights on managing the pressures and demands of the profession while maintaining a healthy balance between work and personal life. 

Both presentations were well-received and gave future architects valuable insights and skills to help them succeed. The leadership talk was a significant aspect of the National Congress, showcasing the importance of leadership and management skills in architecture.

In the last part of the leadership talk, two prominent speakers engaged in a dynamic question-and-answer session, addressing the concerns of students aspiring to make their mark in architecture. The event offered a valuable platform for the speakers to share their experiences and perspectives on questions like: “What should we do when we’re no longer satisfied with our creative works?” and “Where should we practice our profession, in the Philippines or other countries?” 

The leadership talk offered an insightful platform for students to gain valuable advice on their concerns regarding creative dissatisfaction and choosing the right professional environment. The dialogue between the two speakers sheds light on the significance of perseverance and experimentation in overcoming creative roadblocks. Moreover, they highlighted the potential of both local and global avenues for professional growth, encouraging students to weigh their options carefully and align them with their unique aspirations and circumstances. Ultimately, the event gave students a holistic perspective, empowering them to make informed decisions about their creative journeys and professional paths.

Becoming Future-Ready at the National Congress 2023

The National Congress 2023 was a remarkable event that celebrated the spirit of architecture and nurtured future-ready architects in the Philippines. Through its emphasis on learning, collaboration, and connection, the congress provided a fertile ground for exchanging ideas, knowledge sharing, and community building. Visionary speakers inspired attendees, gained insights into emerging architectural trends, and broadened their horizons. The event’s focus on a better normal highlighted the role of architects in shaping sustainable and inclusive environments. Ultimately, the National Congress 2023 left an indelible mark on participants, equipping them with the tools, networks, and inspiration needed to forge a successful path in the architectural realm as they strive to impact society positively.

UAPSA National Conference 2023