Philippine Association of Engineering Schools

SLU Hosts Philippine Association of Engineering Schools Planning Session

Officers of the Philippines Association of Engineering Schools (PAES) convened at the SIRIB Center of the School of Engineering and Architecture of Saint Louis University on 8 April 2024 for its planning session in preparation for the first National Engineering Education Summit (NEEdS) slated in September 2024 at the Mapua University with the motto: “Philippine Engineering Education 4.0:  Confronting Challenges, Shaping the Future through Artificial Intelligence.”

SLU Dean Accepted in the US-Philippines Partnership for Skills, Innovation, and Lifelong Learning (UPSKILL) Higher Education Innovation Leaders Fellowship

Sixteen administrators from Philippine Higher Education Institutions, State Colleges and Universities, and the Commission on Higher Education were presented as fellows of the UPSKILL Higher Education Innovations Leaders Fellowship during the Quality Assurance Conclave for Higher Education Leaders at the Sofitel Philippines Manila on 13 May 2024.  Among the fellows is Engr. Jeffrey Des Binwag, SLU Dean of the School of Engineering and Architecture.

Nuclear Energy

SLU SEA and DOE organize 2024 Symposium of Nuclear Energy 

To raise awareness on the Nuclear Industry in the Philippines, Saint Louis University’s (SLU) School of Architecture and Engineering, in partnership with the Nuclear Energy Program Inter-Agency Committee (NEP-AC) Subcommittee 4- Human Resource Infrastructure from the Department of Energy (DOE), hosted the Nuclear Energy Summit on 8 May 2024 at the Fr. Francis Gevers Hall, Diego Silang Building, SLU Main Campus. 

SEAHS celebrates excellence with the 30th Inter-Departmental Brain Collision

In a bustling hub of intellect and competition, the School of Engineering and Architecture (SEA) of Saint Louis University (SLU) recently witnessed the culmination of its 30th Inter-Departmental Brain Collision (IDBC) on 13 March 2024, at the C-013 President’s Conference Room, Center for Culture and the Arts Building. Ten teams from various programs within SEA vied for the championship title. The event, organized by the School of Engineering and Architecture Honor Society (SEAHS), not only showcased the excellence and competence of SEA students but also highlighted the collaborative spirit and dedication nurtured within the institution.

MINAunlad Seminar Explores Career Opportunities in the Mining Industry

The MINAunlad seminar, titled “Beyond the Surface – Unearthing Potential Careers in the Mining Industry,” was held on 10 March 2024 at the SIRIB Center, Otto Hahn, SLU Main Campus. The event conducted by the SLU Mining Engineering Society provided a comprehensive exploration of career pathways within the mining sector aimed at students from diverse engineering and architecture programs.

InnoSphere X and Y: SEA celebrates World Engineering Day with research exhibit and seminar

The School of Engineering and Architecture Honor Society (SEAHS) took a groundbreaking step in celebrating World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by hosting a student research exhibit, titled “InnoSphere X”, together with a research exhibit called “Innosphere Y” as concurring events on 4 March 2024, at the Diego Silang Lobby, Diego Silang Building, and SIRIB Center, Otto Hahn Building, SLU Main Campus.

Mathless Quiz-Bee Strengthens Bonds and Sparks Laughter Among SEAHS Members

On the vibrant afternoon of 28 January 2024, the School of Engineering and Architecture Honor Society (SEAHS) once again showcased its commitment to establishing a strong connection among its members through a unique and entertaining event known as Mathless. Organized by the Executive President and Board of Director Chairman, this quiz-bee competition was exclusively designed for SEAHS members, adding a new dimension to the organization’s rich history of quiz shows like Mathsters and Brain Collisions.