Center for Culture and the Arts

The Saint Louis University Center for Culture and the Arts (SLU-CCA) was established in May 1993 during the presidency of Fr. Joseph Van den Daelen, who believed that in addition to providing quality education, SLU should also be a place where art is not only appreciated and nurtured but where our cultural heritage is preserved and perpetuated.

The CCA is a creative and excellent center that harnesses and optimizes the potentials of both student-artists as well as educators, through significant programs that promote and develop their artistic talents specifically in the performing arts. With its aim to maximize participation in the growing population of SLU, new performing arts group were strategically formed.

The CCA has five resident performing groups that constantly present competent and top-notch performances representing the areas of music, theater, and dance. They are the SLU Glee Club, SLU Dance Troupe, SLU Children’s Dance Troupe, Tanghalang SLU and the SLU Chamber Ensemble.

The center opens its audition for new members every year to discover new, highly-qualified candidates from the SLU students. Aside from holistic development programs, the center provides scholarship benefits to artists who display exemplary performance in all SLU – CCA activities within and outside the campus.

The CCA is the most active performing group in Baguio City with regular full length musical plays, straight plays, concerts, and other excellent performances that are produced every year and have received outstanding review from its audience not only from SLU but from the Baguio community as well.

The SLU Glee Club and SLU Dance Troupe made remarkable cultural tours in California, USA in 2000, Jinan University in China in 2004 and Belgium in 2011.

The CCA extends its services to the SLU dependents and students through its yearly CCA Summer Arts Workshop. This activity encourages the students to enhance and pursue their love of music, dance, theater arts and arts and crafts. The CCA does not limit its services with in SLU, for the past years the CCA participates in the Arts Camp and Developmental Encampment under the leadership of Sunflower Children’s Center that gives workshop to different children institutions in Metro Manila.

Indeed, through the years, CCA remains a significant venue for the education and training of artists and as a seat of exploring and experiencing the arts. With the unswerving support of our beloved University President Rev. Fr.Jessie Hechanova, the administration and its strategically formed groups, the Center for Culture and the Arts will continue to render its share towards a new dawn of creativity and artistic excellence.