SLU conducts blessing ceremony for the SLU Navy Base Campus Sewage Treatment Plant

Saint Louis University (SLU) conducted the blessing ceremony for the SLU Navy Base Campus Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) on 20 May 2024 attended by the SLU and Basic Education School (BEdS) administration. This is the fourth STP project, marking the continuous partnership between SLU and KBWorld Trading Corporation in the advocacy of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. 

Cyber Defense Society Conference Baguio 2024

SLU hosts Cyber Defense Society Conference Baguio 2024

Promoting awareness of cybersecurity threats, Saint Louis University’s (SLU) Data Privacy Office (DPO), Technology Management and Development Department (TMDD), and the School of Accountancy, Management, Computing and Information Studies (SAMCIS) partnered with Trend Micro Philippines to host the 2024 Cyber Defense Society Conference at the Prince Bernhard Gymnasium, SLU Main Campus, on 15 March 2024.

Food Upcycling Project

SLU UNRIC through the VLIR UOS Food Upcycling Project conducts research and food upcycling training session

In line with Saint Louis University’s commitment to sustainability that goes beyond academic pursuits, its University Research and Innovation Center (UnRIC) conducted a training session titled “Beyond Limits: Unleashing the Boundaries of Research and Innovation for Maximum Impact” on 10 January 2024 that centered on the importance of research publication and innovation in sustainable gastronomy and food upcycling. 

Energy Consumption

2022–2023 Energy Consumption: Towards Sustainable Energy Solutions

The steadfast commitment of Saint Louis University (SLU) towards sustainable energy solutions has been paying off. The adoption of solar energy in SLU not only enhances energy sustainability, but also strengthens the advocacy to environmental stewardship that results in a more resilient and economically sound future. These efforts allow the Louisian community access to clean…