Faith, Gratitude, and Thanksgiving: Commemorating 32 Years of Rev. Fr. Gilbert’s Missionary Service

With a heart of compassion and service, Rev. Fr. Gilbert’s dedication to the precepts of the Word and to the mandate of the CICM vision and mission expanded borders in the mission field, embodying two core creeds embedded in the Louisian identity: Sapientia Aedificat and Misio et Excellentia – “Wisdom Builds” and “Mission and Excellence.”

7th CICM Schools Friendship Meet

Sandiwa’t Misyon: A Photobook celebrating the 7th CICM Schools Friendship Meet

About a month since the conduct of the 7th CICM Schools Friendship Meet, let us continue to reminisce the memories and friendships that are now etched within the pages of this photobook—from feels and thrills, tears and triumphs, and most especially the bonds created in the light of inclusivity, excellence, and friendship.

This Photobook is a testament of the solidarity among CICM schools to continue to foster unity and friendship with one heart and one soul.


SLU’s 15th Lantern Parade delights streets of Baguio City

Culminating its 112th Anniversary, Saint Louis University (SLU) once again illuminated the streets of Baguio City with its magnificent lantern parade and dynamic performances. With the motif, “Missions on Horseback”, the 15th Lantern Parade highlighted a grand University Float that captures the missionary legacy of Fr. Florimund Carlu, CICM, a significant figure in the history of Catholic missions in the Cordillera Administrative Region (CAR) through the Congregation. 

pastoral care

Rev. Fr. Gilbert B. Sales, CICM attends Conference on Pastoral Care in Catholic Universities in Vatican City

As the President of both Saint Louis University and the Association of Catholic Universities of the Philippines (ACUP), Rev. Fr. Gilbert B. Sales, CICM, attended the conference on Pastoral Care in Catholic Universities that centered on the theme, “Towards a Polyhedric Vision: Strengthening Catholic Campus Ministry for Spiritual Nurturing, Cultural Engagement, and Community Building” from 23 to 25 November 2023 at the Vatican City, Rome.  The said Conference included a series of lectures, roundtable discussions, workshop, and an immersive experience through a rare audience with His Holiness, Pope Francis.