MINAunlad Seminar Explores Career Opportunities in the Mining Industry

The MINAunlad seminar, titled “Beyond the Surface – Unearthing Potential Careers in the Mining Industry,” was held on 10 March 2024 at the SIRIB Center, Otto Hahn, SLU Main Campus. The event conducted by the SLU Mining Engineering Society provided a comprehensive exploration of career pathways within the mining sector aimed at students from diverse engineering and architecture programs.

InnoSphere X and Y: SEA celebrates World Engineering Day with research exhibit and seminar

The School of Engineering and Architecture Honor Society (SEAHS) took a groundbreaking step in celebrating World Engineering Day for Sustainable Development by hosting a student research exhibit, titled “InnoSphere X”, together with a research exhibit called “Innosphere Y” as concurring events on 4 March 2024, at the Diego Silang Lobby, Diego Silang Building, and SIRIB Center, Otto Hahn Building, SLU Main Campus.